ZEP Invoice Module supports ZUGFeRD format

Since version 5.5, the ZEP billing module - time recording for projects - supports the creation of invoices in ZUGFeRD format.

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Since version 5.5 was introduced in March, the ZEP invoicing module - time recording for projects - has supported the creation of invoices in ZUGFeRD format. This format was developed by the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD) as a common overarching format for electronic invoices, which can be used for the exchange of invoices between companies, authorities and consumers and enables the exchange of structured data between the invoice issuer and invoice recipient. ZEP GmbH has now been officially added to the ZUGFeRD supporter list.

Oliver Lieven explains: "Electronic invoice exchange is becoming increasingly important in day-to-day business. The ZUGFeRD format supports this development with a simple, fast and structured transfer of invoice data between the invoice issuer and recipient. With the integration of ZUGFeRD in the new version of the ZEP Faktura module, we enable our customers to transfer their invoices electronically just as easily, quickly and securely as in paper form. The big advantage: with electronic invoice transmission, companies save a lot of time, effort and costs for printing, enveloping, franking and sending their invoices."

ZUGFeRD format: basis for simple and secure electronic invoice exchange

The ZUGFeRD format introduced in 2014 is based on the PDF/A-3 format. An XML invoice can thus be embedded in a PDF file. This means that both structured invoice data (XML) and the invoice image (PDF) can be transmitted by mail at the same time. PDF/A-3 ensures that the audit-proof archiving required by the tax authorities is fulfilled. In addition, the received structured data can be read out and automatically processed without further processing, such as scanning a "normal" PDF invoice.

In the development of the uniform data format ZUGFeRD, companies from the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry, the banking sector, the health care sector and the software industry as well as public administration were involved. Since the format meets the requirements of international and European standardisation, it can also be used for cross-border invoice exchange, taking into account the relevant national regulations in each case.

Due to the integration of the ZUGFeRD format in all common accounting and ERP solutions, the use is transparent for the user and possible without additional costs.

ZEP Invoice for Invoice Planning and Invoice Creation

ZEP Invoice is one of the numerous add-on modules for the ZEP time recording solution, which extends the functional scope of the solution beyond pure time recording. The times processed in time recording are automatically transferred to the module for invoicing with the hourly and daily rates stored in ZEP. In addition, ZEP Faktura supports invoice planning. If invoices can be issued due to a previously planned billing date or if expenses have been incurred for which billing has not yet been planned, ZEP reminds the user of these. This ensures that no invoices are forgotten in the future.

In the commissioned Project Controlling 2016 trend study, 35 per cent of the companies surveyed stated that it had happened in the past that project times were recorded but not invoiced. The ZEP invoicing module will eliminate this omission in future.

In addition, the billing module offers a variety of evaluation options for project controlling, such as

  • Overview of invoice items pending settlement
  • Overview of work performed that is not yet included in any invoice
  • Overview of invoices issued
  • Overview of invoices and reminders that have been issued but not yet paid
  • Documentation of paid invoices
  • etc.

The retrieval of turnover forecasts based on planned earnings and hours worked is also possible via the module.

An overview of the functions and features of the ZEP Invoice Module is available on the ZEP website.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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