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Babyrella is more than just a toy shop - since 2018, the concept store from Graz in Austria has stood for free play, the desire to discover new things and for the self-determination of parents & children. The team offers a range of toys and children's equipment for children aged 0-5 years, always against the background of free play, motor development, emotions & personality development. In the spirit of sustainability, you can buy new goods as well as second-hand items in good condition. And because every family is different, there are 8 experts in the team who will find the right toy, the right high chair or the most exciting children's book for every need.
ZEP user reports

The way is the goal

Managing Director Nicole Moser had already been focusing on the issue of working time recording for some time, but it moved down the list of priorities when Excel came on the scene. In the traditional way, the team recorded their times manually (and error-prone) using spreadsheets. However, because the manual recording of working time was not data protection compliant enough - the data was accessible to everyone - Nicole Moser quickly looked around for a software solution that would simplify the daily recording of working time and wrap it up in dry cloths from a data protection point of view. A recommendation from a customer drew her attention to ZEP Clock. And after a short test phase it was already clear that "the tool is uncomplicated, does what it is supposed to do and meets my needs," Moser is pleased to say.

Expectations were fulfilled

The majority of the team uses the web version for daily time recording. With a centrally accessible tablet, all employees could clock in and out on just one device. "This is a great idea! It's great that the tool can be made so easily centrally accessible for everyone," Nicole Moser is pleased. "A terminal is just not worth it for our small team (yet)." However, if the team grows in the future, the experts will have another alternative for recording working hours. But: So far, ZEP Clock integrates relatively seamlessly into the Austrians' daily work routine - clock in in the morning, clock out in the evening, done! "I am happy that I can simply print out the evaluations at the end of the month and present them to my female employees for signature," says Nicole Moser. "ZEP Clock is a simple means to an end for us and has met our expectations."

Final conclusion

"We use babyrella because the tool does what it is supposed to do and simply fulfils our need! - Nicole Moser, founder and managing director of babyrella.

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