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The team at mrm² automatisierungstechnik gmbh sees itself as a special machine builder for extremely specialised systems. All projects have a very individual character. All services in this sector are covered, from high-end programming to electrical design, mechanical design and control cabinet construction. However, there is not only a complete solution, individual modules can also be used for projects at customers' premises - in the aerospace industry, among others.
ZEP user reports

All requirements met right from the start

The automation professionals at mrm² have been using ZEP Professional for a decade now. At that time, the software replaced project time recording with Excel, as the effort and the susceptibility to errors became too great. Even with a small team at that time, the maintenance of project times, holidays and flextime in Excel took up too much manpower, so the team around Marc Gruber - Managing Director Projects - looked around for a solution that would bring a significant reduction in workload. "We decided on ZEP at that time because all our requirements were already integrated in the programme," says Gruber. The advantage: the team was able to record the hours directly on the corresponding projects and fill the flexitime account at the same time. "It is a great relief that we can generate our invoicing directly from the projects!"

ZEP as a matter of course in everyday work

For Marc Gruber's team, ZEP offers a big advantage: it can be used online. Very practical when employees want to submit their holiday application in the evening or log hours on assembly. "This way, no more times are lost. Our team can clock in from anywhere and doesn't forget to enter the hours in an Excel list at the end of the week," Gruber is pleased to say. Thus, ZEP is intuitively part of the daily work routine. "We have to record our project times and there is simply no alternative to ZEP," says Gruber. Even if employees work on several projects, ZEP has meanwhile established itself in such a way that it does not represent any particular additional effort for the team. Through the SOAP interface, calculated projects are transferred directly to ZEP, so when an order is received, the project is entered into ZEP within a few clicks.

Final conclusion

"We zepen so that we don't lose any hours!" - Marc Gruber, Managing Director Projects.

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