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The nexQuent Group consists of the companies nexQuent GmbH, nexQuent Consulting GmbH, nexQuent Services Ltd (NZ) and nexQuent Savento GmbH. The focus of the group of companies with its headquarters in Hamburg is on classic, industry-independent basic consulting and support (on site or remote) and the development of software tools for monitoring and supervision/control as well as accompanying processes and procedures (archiving and user lifecycle management). The core competences of the individual companies of the nexQuent Group are seamlessly intertwined. For time recording and accounting as well as project controlling, nexQuent uses the cloud solution ZEP from provantis IT-Solutions.

ZEP user reports

Time tracking software tool: Introduction to setting up the consultancy firm

The introduction of ZEP took place with the founding of nexQuent Consulting GmbH in 2015. nexQuent Consulting GmbH is active in the classic consulting business, so it was clear from the beginning that a time recording solution was needed that would cover this business model as optimally as possible," Andrea Fiorentini recalls. In the nexQuent Group, she is responsible for project controlling and accounting, among other things.

"The focus of the requirements profile for time recording was particularly on the possibility of mobile, location and time-independent recording of project times by the consultants as well as meaningful reporting both internally and externally to the consulting clients."

Andrea FiorentiniProject Controlling and Accounting

After a corresponding market research and evaluation phase, nexQuent decided to use the cloud-based time recording and project controlling solution ZEP. ZEP stands for Time Recording for Projects. The web-based solution has been on the market since 2000 and was developed especially for project-oriented companies as a complete solution for the areas of time recording and verification, travel expenses, project management and controlling as well as invoicing.

ZEP has been in use at nexQuent since February 2016. In the meantime, almost 20 employees use the solution. They access the solution either via the web-based user interface or via the mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Since 2019: ZEP Invoice Module in use

Since the beginning of 2019, nexQuent has also been using the ZEP add-on module Invoice.

"The extension of the scope of use of ZEP to the area of invoicing simply makes sense. As SAP consultants, we are used to continuous processes in one system from the SAP software. Thanks to ZEP, we can now map a similar approach for our company."

Andrea FiorentiniProject Controlling and Accounting

With the ZEP Invoice module, the project times recorded in ZEP Time Recording are automatically transferred and can thus be invoiced immediately without any additional manual effort. In addition, ZEP can be used to create payment plans for the regular billing of project times. If time recording documents expenses for which billing has not yet been planned or carried out, the user receives a corresponding reminder message. In addition, all invoices issued, open items and incoming payments are documented. A turnover forecast of the expected turnover on the basis of the planned income and hours worked can also be called up at any time.nexQuent also uses the Departments module and the document generator to map the individual companies. "In this way, we are able to create and send the corresponding documents on the respective letterhead for the individual companies in the group without much effort," explains Andrea Fiorentini.

The Departments module extends the basic structure of ZEP by an additional, hierarchical structuring level, via which existing structures - in the case of nexQuent the respective companies - are mapped. All evaluations can thus be carried out for the entire company as well as for individual departments. Andrea Fiorentini confirms:

"On the one hand, this additional functionality is important for us for internal project controlling, and on the other hand, it makes it easier for us to prove our project work to the customers of the individual companies in the nexQuent Group."

Andrea FiorentiniProject Controlling and Accounting

Lean IT operations thanks to cloud computing

In terms of the operating model, nexQuent decided to use ZEP as a cloud service right from the start. The customer accesses the cloud-based software version of ZEP, which is operated in an ISO 27001-certified high-performance data centre in Germany. The basis for use is an online usage contract that can be terminated at any time at the end of the month as well as a contract for order processing in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Billing is based on usage per user and month. "We have a very lean, internal IT operation, for this reason the use of ZEP as a cloud service was obvious for us," Ms Fiorentini explains the decision. "In addition, we also use other software applications in the cloud computing model, so it was actually a logical consequence to do the same with ZEP."

ZEP: "Just so easy!"

When asked about her experience with ZEP so far, Andrea Fiorentini focuses in particular on user-friendliness. She explains:

"ZEP scores above all with its high user-friendliness and simple operation. The intuitive user interface is actually self-explanatory and thus facilitates the work in daily use. It is also possible to familiarise oneself with it within a very short time."

Andrea FiorentiniProject Controlling and Accounting

This also applies to the introduction of new modules. Ms Fiorentini concludes: "The introduction of the invoicing module at the beginning of the year was a project with an extremely short project duration. We were able to work with the new module within a very short time. This was also thanks to the extremely competent support from the Provantis team."

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