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The Hamburg-based start-up Odego GmbH and its 12 employees advise customers in industry on variant management and modularisation. The software Odego Cquenz, which was developed in-house, is available for this purpose and supports and simplifies the corresponding processes. Founded in 2014, the company's customer base mainly includes machine and plant manufacturers.
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Dream team from the start

The topic of time recording came up relatively quickly after the company was founded, as the classic Excel list became too time-consuming and intransparent. Travel expense reports, per diems and the like quickly exceeded the scope and so the team around founder Dr.-Ing. Sandra Szech looked around for a software tool that would meet all the needs of the young company from the very beginning. The rapidly changing requirements of the industry made it necessary for the tool to be flexibly adaptable. "Not all consultations take place on a daily rate, but also last - depending on the customer - only 30 minutes or 2 hours. With an Excel spreadsheet, we simply couldn't keep up with the recording of hours and travel expenses," Sandra Szech recalls. A database-based solution was needed - for travel expense reports, time recording and personnel management! After thorough research, it was quickly clear: "ZEP fits our requirements 100 per cent," says Szech.

Use case covered 100 per cent

"ZEP is tailored exactly to our business model and for this reason we do not need an additional software solution," Sandra Szech is pleased to say. Acquisition, invoicing and personnel management can thus be covered by the Hamburg-based company with a single tool, which contributes to a considerable simplification of the workflow. Another plus point is that the employees only have to work with one tool, with which all the information entered is processed directly at the right place - without any additional effort. "This maps our use case 100 per cent!" ZEP is self-explanatory for the young, IT-savvy team and Sandra Szech. For her as an administrator, questions are more likely to arise. The solution? The ZEP support! "It works wonderfully and our specific questions are always answered in a very competent and friendly manner," says Szech.

No work-arounds necessary

Odego also saw the use of ZEP as an opportunity to adapt its own processes to the software - not the other way around. "We looked at what the system suggests and how we can best get through it with the flow so that we don't have to work with various work-arounds," remembers founder Sandra Szech.

Final conclusion

"We use zepen because we have no other chance to make all our processes lean! - Dr.-Ing. Sandra Szech, co-founder of Odego GmbH.

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