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Special-purpose association for youth work

The Zweckverband Jugendarbeit is an association of 12 municipalities in the field of child and youth work. The special-purpose association takes over the sponsorship of the respective facilities, but in very close cooperation with the municipality as cost and decision maker.
The special feature: The team also consists of educators at the project-executing agency level.

Lightweight tool for complex requirements

The Zweckverband Jugendarbeit came to ZEP rather by chance. It needed a very flexible, adaptable system for all areas of the organisation. Flexible because the association has grown rapidly in a short time and continues to grow. The system had to be expandable, but not exceed the costs. One of the day-care centres affiliated to the association was already using ZEP and was enthusiastic about it, so the tool was extended to the entire association. Since the accounting mode is very complicated, the tool had to be all the easier and the accounting clearer. "We really like the fact that ZEP can be adapted to our - admittedly very complex - needs. Kudos to the support and the developers!" enthuses Liliana Goder, team leader for the elementary sector.

Less stress in the head

ZEP is used in the various facilities via web and app. There are often tablets or mobile phones running the app so that employees can easily clock in as soon as they have reached their place of work. ZEP Clock helps, especially when on the road, to keep track of what was done at what time. Why is this helpful? Quite simply: Activity records have to be written. And with ZEP, it is easier for the employees to see afterwards on which day they did what and for how long. "Especially in a turbulent work environment - like in a day care centre or a youth centre - it is worth a lot if you don't have to laboriously write down your activities by hand, but simply tap on the activity in the system at the right place," says Liliana Goder happily. "With correctly created time and activity lists, ZEP Clock is an incredible work relief."

Final conclusion

"We zepen so that everyone has a better and more transparent overview of their hours!" - Liliana Goder.

Special-purpose association for youth work

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