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Robert Seedig Electrical Installations

The master electrician Robert Seedig from Grevenbroich has been supporting his customers in all matters of electrical engineering since 1995. Particular importance is attached to precise craftsmanship. The specialists are constantly on the road at different locations.

For their time recording and project management, they use ZEP, the web-based software from provantis. ZEP does not require any special hardware or software - a browser is enough and the solution is ready to go.

ZEP user reports

ZEP as a web-based solution for mobile time recording

The electrical installations of Seedig's experts are in demand both in companies and in private households. The scope of their tasks is correspondingly wide and ranges from minor maintenance work to two-month industrial projects with teams of ten. The fitters of the owner-managed company spend the majority of their working hours at the customer's site; iPhones and Android smartphones are part of their standard equipment.

The Grevenbroich-based electrical specialists use ZEP as a cloud solution. The 22 employees' access to the time recording software is not limited to the PC in the office: ZEP is web-based and so times, expenses and travel costs can also be easily recorded while on the road. Both the field staff and the trainees use this option, the latter for example when they log their times at vocational school.

Efforts at a glance

This was not always the case: Before the introduction of ZEP (mid-2011), Robert Seedig still recorded time by handwritten entries in tables. The time-consuming and error-prone nature of this procedure was therefore to be eliminated. The decision in favour of ZEP should, on the one hand, help to save time when recording resources. On the other hand, it should be possible to evaluate and recalculate projects. In order to be able to use the new software, the data of the various projects were transferred to ZEP.

The main tasks that the craftsmen professionals at Seedig implement with ZEP today are time recording and project control as well as the recording of holidays and overtime. All information is now visible at a glance. To familiarise themselves with the software, the manual was initially consulted, but the internet FAQ and programme help have never had to be used so far. If questions arise, the employees contact the support team at provantis in Ditzingen.

Stable solution on the PC and via the iPhone app

The Grevenbroich-based company is satisfied with the speed, stability and functionality of ZEP: The software has never crashed on the PC and there has not been a single loss of data. The access via the iPhone app "runs furiously fast" and here, too, the high reliability of the programme is evident. In contrast, the electrical specialists would like to see an improvement in the system when using it via an Android smartphone: Speed and stability do not yet meet the optimum. So far, there are also no options for data exchange with ZEP. An interface is planned to transfer the invoices from ZEP to Lexware, so that not only the complete effort recording and project-oriented order processing, but also the invoicing can be done via ZEP.

"Human factor

Why is it that not all "hurdles" for always up-to-date and reliable data storage have been overcome in everyday life? The user interface is still a novelty for some employees. The "human factor" certainly plays a significant role here, says company boss Robert Seedig. Some employees simply forget to enter their times during the day and are not thrilled when they have to turn on the PC again shortly before closing time to enter their times. The entrepreneur encourages his team all the more to use the possibility of recording their times on the move - via iPhone or Android smartphone.

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