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SecureLink Germany GmbH, based in Munich, is a full-service provider for IT security solutions. From planning to implementation and operation to financing, 20 employees support primarily enterprise and medium-sized customers from the industry, service, finance and public sectors, among others, who rely on the expertise of the security specialists.

Trust makes safe

Full-service provider for IT security solutions needs project management tool

Since the focus of SecureLink Germany's activities is on the project business, an efficient project management tool is a basic requirement for reliable project controlling and the creation of meaningful performance records.

Simple and clear

In the past, employees entered their times in Excel spreadsheets. This was time-consuming and complicated, especially for projects on which several experts were working at the same time. And if the employees were also on the road - routine for IT service providers - there was no guarantee that the hours would be entered promptly. This meant that it was not possible to make accurate statements, for example, about remaining person-day budgets in between: the data of all employees had to be obtained at great expense at the end of the month for accounting purposes and synchronised with the accounting software. This was to change. The decision was made in favour of ZEP. "Other solutions that could have been considered brought too many confusing features"explains Andreas Mertz.

Hardly any training required and location-independent

The software was introduced at the beginning of 2009; a test phase of 1.5 months followed. During this time, individual processes were revised; minimal adjustments were made to the provision of the IT infrastructure. "The effort to train the users was low, as the use is very intuitive"says Mertz. Today, ZEP is fully integrated into the company software. The solution is web-based: Regardless of where they are, employees can promptly enter their times into the software worldwide via secure access to the intranet.

Integrated time recording solution

"With ZEP, we have moved away from an inappropriate tool to an integrated time recording solution"explains Mertz. Today, it fulfils tasks such as project time management, performance records and billing modalities. Different functions of the software are used: Time recording, receipt entry, travel expense accounting, customer accounting, project control as well as overtime management and holiday planning.

Several advantages result from a higher effectiveness of individual processes: Reporting and project management have been accelerated since the introduction of the software.

Massive reduction of administrative burden

In addition, according to the head of the company, the administrative effort involved in recording performance records and receipts has been "massively reduced". The employees' initial fear of being overly controlled by time recording also gave way to acceptance due to the numerous advantages.

Fast and reliable

SecureLink Germany GmbH is satisfied with the speed and reliability of the time recording software. "ZEP fits 100%, is stable and secure, and doesn't burden you with features you don't need."Mertz summarises. This can be attributed not least to the fact that provantis uses its own solution in the same way as its customers in the project business.

His staff, in turn, now have more time for their actual project work - bringing trust in IT closer to their customers.

SecureLink Germany GmbH

Paul-Gerhardt-Allee 24
D-81245 Munich

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