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Since its foundation in autumn 2016, Tedesio GmbH has been active as an IT service provider in the areas of uni- fied communications, IP telephony and IT security. The company's focus is on pure project business without its own product sales. Tedesio also provides IT expert opinions. Meanwhile, almost 20 employees work for the company based in Buchholz in der Nordheide in Lower Saxony. Tedesio uses the web-based solution ZEP from provantis IT Solutions to record project times as well as holiday and absence times.

Tedesio relies on time recording with ZEP right from the start

Start on the "green meadow

When Tedesio was founded, a requirements profile with a catalogue of criteria for a software solution for time recording was already formulated. "As the founder of a pure project company, it was clear to me from the beginning how important a powerful, user-friendly and flexible tool would be for the success of my new company," Holger May, founder and managing director of Tedesio GmbH, recalls the original starting point. "Our previous experience with such solutions all came from large companies and was not applicable to the new company, we were effectively starting from a 'green field'."Hartmut Höche, consultant and project manager, who was also involved in the search for an appropriate software application from the very beginning, confirms. Through an internet search, the two IT experts came across the software solution ZEP from the company provantis IT Solutions from Ditzingen.

"A powerful time tracking tool increases the 'feel-good factor' for our employees' and is thus an important aspect in the evaluation of the employer"

Holger May, Managing Director

ZEP stands for Time Recording for Projects. The web-based solution has been on the market since 2000 and offers project-oriented companies a complete solution for time recording and verification, travel expenses, project management and controlling as well as invoicing. After a corresponding demo phase, Tedesio decided at the end of 2016 to introduce ZEP for all project employees in the company. Holger May recalls: "We looked at several offers available on the market, but then realised that ZEP simply fulfilled our originally defined requirements profile the best. Hartmut Höche adds: "Already in the demo phase, we were impressed by the good support from provantis support, who helped us with words and deeds when testing the software."

Time recording in the cloud

Tedesio opted for the cloud computing model as the operating model. ZEP can be used both as a cloud service and as an on-premise solution. Holger May explains: "We thought through both operating models very carefully in advance. In the end, we opted for the cloud service because it meant that we could immediately use a ready-made product that met all the criteria without any additional installation and implementation work or additional investments. Individual customisations were still possible. "And as far as data protection and data integrity are concerned, we were able to convince ourselves that this is also fully guaranteed in the cloud computing operation at ZEP".explains Hartmut Höche. And so the use of ZEP was ultimately also one aspect of Tedesio GmbH's successful certification according to ISO 9001/27001.

Mobile computing: mobility and user-friendliness are a must

In addition to the web-based user interface of ZEP, Tedesio employees also use the mobile apps of the solution, which are available for Android and iOS, to enter their project times. Hartmut Höche: "As a typical service provider, our employees are of course on site with the customer most of the time. For this reason, reporting must be as simple as possible. Using ZEP's mobile apps, our employees can simply photograph their receipts with their mobile device (mobile phone or tablet/iPad) and record them that way." The intuitive user interface is very user-friendly, which is particularly evident when training new employees. As Tedesio has been growing continuously since its foundation, these briefings are regularly on the agenda. "An efficient tool for time recording increases the 'feel-good factor' for our employees' and is thus an important aspect in the evaluation of the employer," Holger May is convinced. "On the other hand, the company benefits from the high precision in recording".

Document generator facilitates internal and external reporting

A ZEP add-on module that is also used at Tedesio is the document generator. This module enables the creation of almost all accounts and evaluations in MS Word, Open Office, Star Office and PDF formats. The data and times entered in ZEP are automatically transferred. "We use the ZEP document generator for external monthly reporting to customers. We are thus able to prove the project times worked on and submit them to the customer for approval.Holger May explains the use of the additional module at Tedesio. "In addition, we use the module for the internal evaluation of the recorded receipts (travel expenses, etc.) and for the hourly accounting per quarter and employee for the quarterly closing."

"Don't take it away from us again!" - Employee acceptance is a key success factor for the use of software

"From a management point of view, the use of a tool stands and falls with the acceptance of the employees. For the area of time recording, this means that the employees must perceive a corresponding tool as a noticeable facilitation of work and not as a control instrument. We have succeeded in this with the use of ZEP.Holger May draws a positive conclusion from the use of ZEP so far. Hartmut Höche adds: "From the employee's point of view, ZEP impresses with its high user-friendliness and flexibility in daily use. All work is done quickly and with just a few mouse clicks. If changes or corrections are necessary, they can be made quickly and are immediately available in the system." Perhaps the best way to sum up the satisfaction with ZEP is to quote a Tedesio employee: "Don't you take this away from us again!"

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