Effort down, precision up - ZEP for engineering offices

ZEP provides engineering firms with a reliable software solution that enables detailed project time recording and accounting, effectively plans resources and simplifies project accounting to facilitate and optimise daily work.
Management consultancies rely on time recording

From microchips to aircraft propellers - as engineers, you develop, plan and build everything we encounter in everyday life. You are, so to speak, the "Gyro Gearloose" of our society. No matter whether it's about the design, evaluation, analysis or optimisation of products and projects, as engineers you are the first point of contact. The focus is always on the safety of the products. Of course, your projects and the time spent on them must also be documented and recorded in as much detail as possible. In your engineering office, this is still done manually using Excel or inadequate software? You can optimise this error-prone or even nerve-racking process with ZEP.

Your data at a glance at the click of a mouse

In many engineering offices, planning projects usually take a long time and are carried out in cooperation with other experts. In addition, there are long-standing client relationships here that involve further follow-up projects. These relationships need to be cultivated and maintained. In order not to lose the overview when entering projects, many engineers already rely on ZEP. Since your employees are very technically skilled and value a professional software solution, ZEP fits seamlessly into your business processes and takes over where self-developed solutions or Excel for project time recording and accounting reach their limits. Do you want to have an up-to-date overview of the progress of individual projects at all times? In ZEP you can do this with just a few clicks and can also determine whether and to what extent project times agreed with the customer are being adhered to. Because: The reporting of project progress is of great importance to you. Instead of painstakingly gathering the necessary data, with ZEP you can simply export the data in the form of a corresponding report, for example as a pdf file, and forward it to your customers by e-mail. You want to add your company logo to the report? No problem! You can store your company's own stationery in ZEP, which the system automatically places behind evaluations, invoices or offers. This way you have your company logo and all relevant data listed in the footer or header and can easily forward the corresponding documents to your customers. The software adapts to your personal requirements. With Individually add-on modules you always have an overview of your resource planning or project accounting, for example.

Plan resources effectively

As engineers, you have to plan your projects with foresight. But how do you keep to time? Do you always have an eye on the workload of everyone involved? And what are the next steps? With multi-faceted long-term projects, the overview can get lost quite quickly. So that you are always up to date on who is working on which project, ZEP offers you the Resource planning module. Here you have the possibility to map the real assignment across projects. Project assignments are thus clearly documented and you always have an overview of how your employees are utilised and available. The module also offers you the option of assigning concrete tasks to employees. The advantage: Your engineers can book working times directly to the respective to-dos. By using these so-called work packages, you and your project managers always keep an eye on the workload of all project participants at a very detailed level.

Project accounting made easy

The comprehensive functionality of ZEP covers the demanding requirements of project-oriented engineering offices. Within the scope of the software implementation, previous manual time recording solutions and invoicing processes are considerably simplified - which ultimately also pleases your accounting department. Because: From simple invoicing to the creation of individual payment plans, our Invoicing module. You can invoice your employees' efforts and times recorded in ZEP directly and even preconfigure them for your accounting. How does this work exactly? Our solution automatically generates consecutive invoice numbers, invoices can be sent directly by email and you can use automated text modules to create invoices. Furthermore, you have the possibility to define the payment term per customer or to store percentage surcharges or discounts. Regardless of whether you work according to an hourly rate or a defined fixed price, require detailed invoice attachments for your customers or would like to integrate the dunning process with payment reminders and follow-up, the functional scope of ZEP Invoicing is as versatile as your needs and, thanks to the evaluability of your projects, also provides an interesting insight into details. Your accounting department can thus view all relevant invoice items and query the overall status of your already invoiced services.

Intuitive, digital & reliable - engineers rely on ZEP

In your day-to-day business, things often have to move quickly without sacrificing precision. For you as an engineer, it is of course of great benefit to be able to easily digitally record the hours you have worked on individual planning projects. It is therefore all the more important that project time recording is intuitively integrated into your everyday work. With ZEP, this can be done directly on the PC or via app. Our solution is extremely precise, user-friendly and, with its numerous functions and additional modules, makes a significant contribution to simplifying and facilitating your daily work.

You want to try ZEP first and put it through its paces? With our 30 days trial version our solution is available to you in its entirety with all relevant modules. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our free support turn.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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