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ZEP is becoming more and more popular, especially due to the BAG ruling on working time recording, and we are continuously working on making ZEP compatible and user-friendly.
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Today it's going to be exciting: We'll give you a little insight behind the scenes. Because: Only through the feedback of our customers can we grow and improve our products so that in the end YOU benefit from them. For our customers, we give our best every day - with you, we grow every day.

Everyone wants ZEP - but why actually?

The year 2022 was particularly exciting for us. The ruling on the recording of working time set a ball rolling in Germany and increased the "run" on time recording systems mightily. It's a good thing that we have been focusing on this very topic for over 20 years. Even before the BAG ruling, over 1,200 customers relied on our ZEP products - from pure time recording to cross-site project management. In 2022, 250 new customers found their way to us. We say: thank you very much for your trust! In particular, the demand for pure time recording with our digital time clock ZEP Clock was once again really fuelled by the ruling of the Federal Labour Court.

Beyond jurisdiction and legislation, it is of course important for our new and existing customers that ZEP fits into their everyday work and not the other way around. After all, no one wants additional work with a new tool. For this reason, we are working hard to make ZEP compatible with existing programmes and business processes. Our development team is working flat out on interfaces for tools that you as a customer already use. Because: We see you not only as a customer, but rather as a partner. Mutual feedback is important so that the processes work even more smoothly in the future and you can use our tool as intuitively as possible.

→ ZEP is part of everyday work. What our customers say.

It sells like hot cakes

Wow! Simply wow! We never thought that our ZEP terminal would be such a big seller. You literally snatched the little box out of our hands last year. But why do we have a terminal at all, if stamping in/out can also be done conveniently via the web and an app? It's simple: since 2019, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a cost-effective alternative to the "big" terminals, which cost well over 1,000 euros to purchase. There must be a cheaper way! It does! We rent out our self-produced terminals for a small monthly fee so that everyone can afford it. Currently, around 400 ZEP terminals are in use with our customers - 150 of which were issued in 2022 alone. Amazing! We thank you for that!

The appreciation of our customers is like a balm for us. After all, a terminal like this doesn't produce itself. For us, it's still real craftsmanship. We print all the components in our own 3D printer, have created the design ourselves and now source the majority of the components that we cannot produce ourselves from Germany.

→ Schaffe, schaffe, Terminal bauen - We indulge in the Swabian tradition.

You never stop learning - Take advantage of our webinar offer

You have already downloaded your ZEP trial version? Congratulations! Now it's time to try it out, test it, use it. If you haven't worked with a time tracking tool before, the first steps can sometimes be confusing. We understand that and that's why we created our webinar series. Here, our colleague Anna Canova explains all the important functions, tips & tricks of ZEP Clock - our digital time clock. She explains various basic settings, goes into detail about break regulations and holiday management and answers the participants' questions in detail and with a lot of charm. About one hour is planned for each session - of course nothing is set in stone, all questions will be answered.

And best of all: You can click along directly in your own test version parallel to the webinar. Learning by doing! And because the online presentations are in great demand, our colleague has of course scheduled several dates. So you are guaranteed not to miss anything!

→ Download trial version, tick "Online demonstration" & get dates of webinars.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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