Mobile apps for time recording

Mobile time recording apps are indispensable in a changing working world, enable accurate time recording and offer several advantages. The ZEP app is a convenient solution with a wide range of functions.

Mobile apps for time recording

In an ever-changing world of work, where flexibility and mobility are becoming increasingly important, mobile time recording has become an indispensable tool for many companies. Thanks to developments in technology and the availability of mobile apps, there are now a variety of ways to track time and projects in real time - no matter where you are. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of mobile time tracking, focusing on relevant apps.

Functions & advantages of mobile apps for time recording

Mobile apps for time tracking offer various functions that make it easier for your company to accurately track the working hours of your workforce in order to ultimately draw the right conclusions. Here are some of the most important features:

Simple recording of working times

Time tracking apps allow your employees to record their working hours easily and quickly, no matter where they are. Your team can enter their working hours directly in the app or start and stop them at the touch of a button.

Location determination

A mobile app can also record the location of your employees when they record their working time. This feature can be particularly useful if you have field staff who need to record their working time in different locations.

Compliance with compulsory time recording

(Mobile) time tracking is now an important part of a successful business model and can help to reduce labour costs and increase productivity. As Recording and documentation of working time obligatory after BAG ruling are, apps offer an easy way to comply with court requirements.

You still see time recording as an "annoying evil" or "surveillance by the employer"? That does not have to be the case. After all, the obligation to record time and attendance has many advantages, especially for employees:

Improved accuracy

Using mobile apps for time tracking can improve the accuracy of time tracking. As an employee, you no longer have to record your working hours manually, which greatly reduces the likelihood of errors.

Productivity increase

Mobile apps for time tracking can also help increase your productivity, as you can record your working time directly in the app. This saves time and allows you to focus 100 per cent on your work.

Effective project management

Using mobile apps for time tracking can also make it easier to manage your projects. As a company, you can accurately track your employees' working hours and ultimately bill projects more easily and reliably.

Flexibility and mobility

As an employee, you can record your working time from anywhere as long as you have access to the app. This increases your flexibility & mobility and facilitates work in the field or in the home office, among other things.

Those who have the choice are spoilt for choice

One market, many providers - and they all want to bring their mobile time recording app to the users. But how do you find the right solution for your company? Before you choose a mobile time tracking app, you should consider a few important factors. Consider what features your company needs to accurately record and track your employees' working hours. For example, do you need a location tracking feature or integration with other apps? In addition, make sure your favoured app is suitable for the number of employees who will use it. An app that is suitable for a few employees may not scale for a large number of employees. A user-friendly app is important so that your employees can use the app easily. It is best to test the app before implementation to ensure it is easy to use.

Mobile apps for time tracking offer a simple, accurate and effective way to track and manage your employees' working hours. By using mobile apps, you can increase the productivity of your employees, easily account for projects and save time and costs. Our new ZEP app also supports you with many other interesting features.

Mobile time recording with the ZEP app

Our ZEP App for Android and iOS is the convenient solution for recording project times and travel expenses on the road. You can conveniently record working and travel times as well as receipts for travel expenses anytime and anywhere in your ZEP and thus achieve maximum flexibility in your day-to-day business. The administration of projects, employees and customers as well as standardised evaluations are carried out as usual via the ZEP web frontend.

These highlights await you in the new app version:
⇒ Record project times with your presettings from ZEP
⇒ Capture receipts with image or PDF attachments
⇒ Start-stop function for your favourite projects
⇒ Business trip detection & tracking of locations and distance
⇒ Recording of meals for the calculation of additional meal expenses

Furthermore, we have worked on the following features for you. This way you can use the mobile ZEP app even more conveniently.
⇒ Transfer of project information and assignments from your ZEP
⇒ Edit existing times and receipts at any time
⇒ Copy and delete functions for individual time bookings or entire days
⇒ Multilingualism through German and English

We have one more small hint: The login to the app requires an active licence of ZEP Clock, ZEP Compact or ZEP Professional required. Unfortunately, the app cannot be used without this. If you are not yet using ZEP, you can download our free and non-binding 30-day trial version download. Then nothing will stand in the way of using the app. Do you have questions about ZEP or how to use our app? Our support team will be happy to advise you during our business hours.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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