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ZEP provides IT companies with automated processes, easy project time tracking, a ticketing system, invoicing features and convenient leave management to streamline operations and improve customer service.

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IT companies are a dime a dozen - really good IT service providers stand out from the crowd. However, by working with SLAs (Service Level Agreements) you have a time commitment to your customers, which we as IT providers can of course understand first hand. For this reason, ZEP starts exactly there and supports you in the stressful day-to-day business with automated processes & a simple recording and handling of your project times. Automating your processes leaves more time for your customers and day-to-day business. A modern system landscape with solutions like ZEP also makes it easier for you to find personnel, because in times of a shortage of skilled workers in IT, the more attractive an employer is, the more skilled workers apply.

Automated processes instead of manual tracking

Already from a team size of around five employees, a Manual time recording with Microsoft Excel a disproportionate amount of effort, whereby keeping track of the project work done becomes very time-consuming and, above all, error-prone. This not only costs "manpower", but ultimately above all money. Especially with IT service providers, projects can often be characterised by granular sub-projects, project sections or tickets. This makes manual tracking enormously difficult. For this reason, modern IT houses nowadays rely on automated processes as part of their project management. ZEP offers ideal framework conditions for this, so that complete business processes can be mapped digitally and also combined - regardless of whether it is an extensive development project or a recurring maintenance contract.

Tickets, tasks & to-dos for your support requests

Are you looking for a system with which you can divide your projects into individual tasks for your employees and with which, in the best case, you can record your customers' support requests directly as a ticket - especially for spontaneous support requests that are sent as a mail and then have to be processed at short notice? The Ticket system in ZEP supports your IT company in assigning tickets directly to the appropriate projects and in creating subtasks so that they can be delegated within the team. For each detailed task, you can also plan the time required and keep an eye on the processing. In this way, you can maintain short response times in order to offer your customers reliable processes. Furthermore, you have the option of optimising your ticket workflow with the help of mailboxes. Here you can create mailboxes for the direct receipt of tickets in order to convert incoming e-mails into tickets for further processing. In this way, you create a structured and direct line between you as an IT service provider and your customers: Customer has problem X and sends you an e-mail about it. The ZEP Mailbox picks it up, automatically creates a ticket and notifies those involved in the project. This way, one of your employees can solve the problem directly within the agreed SLA.

You already have a functioning ticket system? No problem! The connection to ZEP is also possible. This way you don't have to do without the tried and tested, but you can still digitalise your entire workflow. Main advantage: You keep the old ticket system and the existing processes, but your employees can enter their times directly on the corresponding tickets in ZEP. The work is done outside of ZEP, but the documentation of the time takes place in ZEP in great detail.

Your accounting's best friend

The comprehensive functionality of ZEP covers the far-reaching requirements of project-oriented IT service providers. Within the scope of the implementation - which usually only takes a few man-days, depending on the scope of functions - previous manual time recording solutions and processes for invoicing are considerably simplified. From simple invoicing to the creation of individual payment plans, our Invoicing module. You can invoice your IT consultants directly for expenses recorded in ZEP and even configure them for your accounting. How? Our solution automatically generates consecutive invoice numbers, invoices can be sent directly by email and you can use automated text modules to create invoices. Furthermore, you have the possibility to define the payment term per customer or to integrate percentage surcharges or discounts. ZEP could become your accounting department's best friend, because you will never again forget to invoice services rendered for your projects. No matter whether you work according to hourly rates or fixed prices, need detailed invoice attachments for your customers or want to integrate the dunning process with payment reminders and follow-up, the range of functions of ZEP Invoicing is as versatile as your needs and, thanks to the evaluability of your projects, also provides an interesting insight behind the scenes. Here, your accounting department can view all invoice items, have open items displayed directly and query the overall status of your already billed services.

Holiday and absence management made easy

With the practical Holiday and absence management you as an IT service provider can fully manage all types of absences of your employees. Keep track of who is absent from your team and when, and which employees are present. You can also manage an individual overtime account for each employee. To do this, simply enter the respective regular working hours in ZEP. Your employees can then easily apply for time off in lieu of overtime directly via the ZEP calendar. And thanks to the absence management, ZEP makes staff planning much easier for you. You can clearly see absences directly in the calendar. An employee wants to apply for leave? With ZEP, you no longer need a paper trail for this process either. Your team members can also apply for holidays or other reasons for absence via the calendar. As an administrator, you always have an overview of who is on holiday and when, and how much remaining holiday is still available. This saves you the hassle of searching through thick folders. And: As an IT service provider, you ensure that a suitable contact person is always available for your customers.

Digital solutions for your IT company

IT service providers who still rely on project time recording with Excel in 2022 will quickly lose touch with the modern, digital working world. Continuously growing project volumes quickly show the limits of time recording with Excel. And even solutions developed in-house often reach their limits with multi-faceted projects, as they are not infinitely scalable. ZEP meets all the requirements of your technically very skilled employees who want to rely on a professional software solution.

And if you do encounter a problem that you can't fix yourself, the "hot line" to our free support unlocked for you at any time.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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