#1 for cross-departmental project management

Cross-departmental project management ensures the success of project-oriented companies. And ZEP supports you in efficiently coordinating your projects & maximising your company-wide performance.
Number 1 for cross-departmental project management

Are you part of a project-oriented company with several locations or teams? Then you know this: cross-departmental project management is becoming more and more relevant to maintain and increase your competitiveness. Coordinating projects across different locations is crucial to use resources efficiently, create synergies and optimise the overall performance of your company. In this blog, we will explore the concept of cross-departmental project management in more detail, with a particular focus on our additional module Departments, Branches & Locations.

Why cross-departmental project management is important

Cross-departmental project management is the answer to the increasing complexity in project-oriented companies. At a time when companies are expanding into global markets and innovations are being driven at breakneck speed, you need to be able to react flexibly to changes. This means that many projects are often no longer handled within individual departments, but in cooperation between several branches. Business processes today are more often networked and can no longer be assigned linearly to a single location or team. Therefore, the overall success of a project often depends on several departments with different tasks. Without the ability to manage these linkages and coordinate the interaction between departments, you may struggle to achieve your strategic project goals and thus remain competitive.

Therefore, it is important to realise that cross-departmental project management is a key factor for your business success. It enables you to make the best use of resources, promotes collaboration and increases adaptability to change. After all, it is all about using the skills of the team members. In the project business, national and international colleagues are often exchanged on the basis of their expertise and scheduled for cross-team projects. This way, you don't have to have all the skills at every location or in every team. Companies that invest in cross-departmental project management are better equipped to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and ensure your long-term success. However, with manual strategies, such as location-based IT or pure team-specific experts, this coordination works very slowly, is error-prone and inefficient. Modern tools like ZEP offer you the opportunity to take your project management to a whole new level, even across different (international) locations.

ZEP overcomes borders

Every company is unique - and so is yours! But how do individual departments or branches perform? With our additional module, you can keep an eye on your entire company at all times, evaluate the projects of individual business units in an uncomplicated way and thus map your individual company structure. With the Module Departments, Branches & Locations you have an additional structuring level of your company at hand. And this is what awaits you in this module:

Additional user role Head of Department

One of the central functions of this module is the introduction of the user role Head of Department. This allows you to clearly assign responsibilities for projects and resources at the business unit level. Department heads have the authority to manage projects in their respective areas and to always keep an eye on the performance of their department. In this way, department heads act as the quasi admin for the respective department and can - with the Overtime, Absences & Holidays add-on module - also approve absenteeism requests.

Internal cost allocation

Internal cost allocation is certainly also crucial for your company to analyse the financial performance of your departments and branches. With ZEP you can Record costs transparently between departments and account for them, which helps to prevent budget overruns and identify financial bottlenecks.

Assignment of projects & employees to departments

To ensure that your projects are managed efficiently, it is essential to clearly assign projects and employees to the appropriate departments. With this add-on module you can easily track which part of your company is involved in which project and who is responsible for its implementation. Advantage: You can even specifically assign your customers to a department. This is an absolute advantage, especially from a data protection point of view, as it means that one department cannot see (if it is not supposed to) what the other department is doing.

Own currency per department for international locations

Does your company have an international presence? Then managing projects in different currencies is probably a bigger challenge for you each time. ZEP allows you to set a separate currency for foreign locations, which makes financial planning and reporting much easier. Furthermore, it is possible to create a department as its own company, so to speak, i.e. this department has its own stationery and specially stored master data. This is a real competitive advantage for invoicing at the end of the project.

Department-specific evaluations

The ability to evaluate departments individually is invaluable for your performance analysis. With our Module Departments, Branches & Locations you can carry out detailed evaluations of times, costs and internal costs at department level to identify optimisation potential.

As you can see, the ZEP add-on module offers you a comprehensive solution to realise cross-departmental project management. It creates transparency, facilitates cooperation between different company departments and enables you to map your individual company structure in an efficient way. But ZEP is not only important for the very big international giants. Smaller companies can also benefit from the Implementation of our software benefit as it helps to make the best use of resources and increase the overall performance of your business.

If you too want to take your business to the next level, consider the benefits of cross-departmental project management. It could be the key to greater efficiency, transparency and ultimately the success of your business. How all ZEP additional modules, you can also use the Departments, Branches & Locations module for Test 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Our friendly support team will be happy to assist you with any questions or problems.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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