Project time recording in interim management - maximise success now

Effective project time tracking is crucial in interim management to make optimal use of time and resources. Increase efficiency & maximise success now with suitable tools.
Project time recording in interim management - maximise success now

Project time tracking allows interim managers to accurately measure and track time spent on specific tasks. By recording the time spent, you can achieve several benefits. On the one hand, the accurate recording of project time allows you to budget and control costs effectively, but also to analyse performance comprehensively. Read in the following article how interim managers can maximise their project success with ZEP.

Why is project time tracking important for interim managers?

Why is project time tracking so important in interim management? Well, it offers you a wealth of benefits for your projects. Let's take a closer look at what the central issues are:

Budgeting and cost control

Accurate tracking of time spent enables interim managers to manage budgets effectively and helps avoid cost overruns. By accurately measuring and tracking time spent on different tasks, you can better manage the budget and ensure it is used appropriately.

Performance analysis

Project Time Tracking offers interim managers the opportunity to analyse the progress of the project and evaluate the performance of individual team members. By accurately recording the time spent on each task, interim managers can monitor the progress of the project, identify bottlenecks and challenges early on and take appropriate action to overcome them. This enables optimal use of available resources and increases the efficiency of the team.

Resource planning

Project time tracking helps interim managers to manage their Plan resources more efficiently. By keeping track of the time spent on different tasks, they can better distribute the workload and ensure that enough staff are available for each project.


Accurate recording of project times promotes transparency. By having clear records of the time spent, interim managers can prepare reports and accounts on a solid, comprehensible basis. Clients, customers and stakeholders get a clear insight into the progress of the project and can better understand and evaluate the work done. This also provides a better basis for discussing issues more concretely in joint meetings.

By applying proven methods and using specialised software solutions for project time recording, interim managers can take full advantage of these benefits.

5 advantages of project time tracking software for interim management providers

Project time tracking software offers interim management providers an effective solution to manage projects more efficiently, improve time tracking accuracy and reduce administrative overhead. By using specialised software, interim management providers can better plan and control their services and provide clients with more accurate billing and transparent reporting.

Efficient management of projects

With a specialised software for project time recording providers of interim managers can manage their projects more efficiently. The software allows for accurate recording of time spent on each project and enables better planning and control of workload.

Automation and time saving

Project time tracking software automates the process of time tracking, resulting in significant time savings. Instead of manually recording and tracking times, interim manager providers can rely on automated recording, which reduces the administrative burden and allows them to focus on more important tasks.

Accuracy and reliability

Using project time tracking software improves the accuracy and reliability of recorded times. Manual time recording can lead to errors and inaccuracies, while specialised software can provide a Precise and reliable detection guaranteed. This is important for correct billing of the services provided.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Project time tracking software enables real-time monitoring of project progress and automatically generates reports on time spent. Providers of interim managers can thus track the current status of projects, identify bottlenecks and react in time. Furthermore, the software facilitates the creation of detailed reports for clients and customers.

Integration with other systems

Project time recording software can Seamlessly integrated with other systems such as with billing or CRM systems. This improves the flow of information between different departments and processes and increases overall efficiency.

Digital turnaround - project time recording in interim management

Effective project time recording is a central aspect of many interim management providers. However, even in 2023, the majority of interim managers still record their project times using a classic Excel template. This system works smoothly as far as billing on a daily rate basis has been agreed with the client. If the projects are to be billed on an hourly basis or if a manager has several projects at once, a solution must be found which As flexible and individually scalable as possible is. In the best case, such a software solution covers the entire project management from the Quotation up to the Invoice dispatch off. Because: Invoicing at interim management providers is based on the monthly reports submitted by the managers. Many interim management providers are therefore increasingly recognising the potential benefits of specialised project time tracking software.

One of the main reasons for introducing such software is to improve efficiency and user-friendliness. A digital solution would enable interim managers to bill their project times even more easily and without errors. User-friendly onboarding and intuitive functions could increase managers' motivation to actively use the software. While ease of use and a reasonable price are important factors, interim management providers attach importance to the fact that the software can be integrated into everyday business life in the long term. Functionality is therefore in the foreground. Overall, the introduction of project time tracking software would make sense for providers as it would improve efficiency, accuracy and usability. It would help deployed managers to submit their times more easily and thus facilitate billing for the company. To achieve the best benefit, the software features should comply with data protection requirements under DSGVO and offer ease of use. The application possibilities of ZEP would fully cover the needs of the industry.

Interest aroused? Then you will find our 30 days trial version. Our friendly support team will be happy to assist you in an online demo with the Individual set-up and use of our software solution.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

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