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7 tips for integrating software for project time recording

Discover how to take your project time recording to the next level with ZEP. From individual selection of various additional modules to seamless integration into existing processes - optimise your workflows and gain valuable insights into your projects.
7 tips for integrating software for project time recording

We all know the feeling when the working day flies by and we wonder where the time actually went. This is exactly where project time recording comes into play. The correct recording of project time not only enables the accurate billing of projects, but also provides valuable insights into the productivity of your team and helps to identify potential for optimisation. But: How do you seamlessly integrate this important function into existing work processes? This is where ZEP comes in. Our software solution for project time recording eliminates the need for time-consuming manual recording of project times and enables smooth integration into your project business.

Integration of a software for project time recording - Why?

In very sober terms, software integration refers to the seamless connection and merging of different business processes, systems and applications within an organisation to ensure an efficient and smooth flow of information. It is essentially the process of linking different technological solutions and software applications together so that they function as an integrated ecosystem. This integration makes it possible to oversee data and information in real time, digitise workflows and increase the efficiency of the entire company. In the context of project time recording, this process integration means integrating the time recording software as seamlessly as possible into your company's existing tools, applications and workflows. This not only makes it easier for you to Accurate and timely recording of project timesbut also enables analysis of project times, resource utilisation and productivity at a deeper level. The integration eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors and speeds up reporting. Ultimately, the efficient integration of project time tracking software helps improve the overall project management structure and allows your team to focus on the real tasks at hand.

7 tips for optimised integration of ZEP

Are you ready to dive into the world of seamless integration of ZEP into your system landscape? With the following seven valuable tips, we want to help you to use our Software for project time recording optimally into your workflows. From the individual selection of different add-on modules to the use of mobile applications - here you can find out how to get the most out of ZEP to optimise your project time recording and raise your productivity to a new level. Let's find out how you can make ZEP your ultimate partner for efficient time management.

Tip 1: Understand your own requirements

Before you jump into the world of process integration, it is important to understand your own requirements. What information do you want to gain from project time recording? Which processes are to be optimised in the first place? Which teams or departments will use the software? A clear idea of your needs will help to optimally customise and use ZEP.

Tip 2: Use the modular principle

One of the strengths of our software for project time recording is its flexibility. ZEP can be adapted to your specific requirements - thanks to the modular principle. You can generally structure projects, customers, tasks and more according to your needs. This not only allows you to record project times precisely, but also offers you a clear presentation of the recorded data. In addition, you have the option of, Various additional modules can be added. This way you can flexibly adapt ZEP to your individual needs at any time and only pay for the functions you need and use.

Tip 3: Integration into existing tools

The seamless integration of ZEP into your existing IT infrastructure is a real gamechanger. Our software for project time recording already offers numerous interfaces - SOAP, Personio or HubSpot, among others - to make your project management even more efficient. This not only saves time, but also minimises errors. ZEP harmonises with the rest of your IT environment and we are constantly making new partner interfaces available to you.

Tip 4: Use webinars & support

When introducing a new software for project time recording, sound training is essential. Therefore we offer you our informative webinars to help you and your team get the most out of our software. From basic operation to advanced features, robust training ensures that everyone in the team can use ZEP to its full potential. Additionally you will find informative videos hereif you have other commitments on one of the webinar dates. Our personal support is of course also available to help you with any questions or problems.

Tip 5: Use mobile apps

In today's mobile world, it is only logical that project time recording should also be possible while on the move. With ZEP's mobile applications, you can also record your project times from your smartphone. This is especially handy for employees who are on the road a lot or work remotely. Our apps for Project time tracking for iOS and Android can be downloaded free of charge from the respective stores. The only requirement: You need a current licence of the corresponding ZEP product.

Tip 6: Use data analysis for optimisation

The recorded project times are not only Important for the settlementbut also offer you a treasure trove of information on process optimisation. Which projects take a particularly long time? Where are there bottlenecks in the work process? By analysing this data, you can improve processes and increase project efficiency.

Tip 7: Regular testing & adjustment

The world of work is in a constant state of change. In doing so, you should adapt your processes and not spin in place. Set yourself regular windows of time in which you can Effectiveness of project time recording and integration. Where is there still room for improvement? Are there new functions or modules available that can further optimise your processes? Our modular principle helps you to react flexibly to changes in your business process.

Efficient process integration for optimised project time recording

Integrating project time tracking software like ZEP can bring great momentum to your project day-to-day business. From customisation to seamless integration with existing tools, our software offers numerous ways to increase your team's productivity and gain valuable insights into your projects. By using the tips correctly, you can optimally integrate ZEP into your work processes and get the most out of your project time tracking.

At a time when efficiency and precision are of paramount importance, the right Software for project time recording make the decisive difference. ZEP is more than just a software - we see ourselves as your partner on the way to a more efficient and productive way of working. So, let's start zeping! Experience all the benefits of optimised project time recording. Bonus: You can use our ZEP products Test for at least 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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