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Software for project time recording revolutionises work culture

The introduction of a modern software for project time recording can positively influence the work culture. Learn how your team can also enjoy more flexibility, an improved work-life balance and greater satisfaction thanks to ZEP.
Software for project time recording revolutionises work culture

Today's blog is about a topic that is becoming more and more important in the world of work: project time tracking and its impact on work culture. Why now of all times? Well, at a time when the topic of (project) time tracking is often still negatively tainted and can be perceived as controlling, it is all the more important to highlight the positive aspects. After all, flexibility, work-life balance and employee satisfaction are the focus of employees these days. And this is where the right software for project time recording can play a decisive role in positively influencing these aspects. So, let's find out how modern tools like ZEP are changing our working world.

The importance of modern software for project time recording

Think back a few years: In the past, working time and especially project time recording was a rather tedious process that often led to frustrations and inaccuracies. Timesheets were filled out manually, employees often had to estimate their project times and it was a time-consuming task for the HR team to collect and evaluate all the data. Fortunately, we live in 2023 and Modern software solutions for project time recording simplify this process. This not only saves you valuable time, but also maximises the accuracy and transparency of the captured data many times over!

Influence on the work culture

Time recording is compulsory! This has the Federal Labour Court already decided in September 2022. But: time recording is not the same as project time recording. Nevertheless, those who record their project times precisely not only increase the efficiency of their company, but can also positively influence the working culture within the team.

Advantages of modern project time recording

When all team members record their project hours transparently, there is a sense of trust between the company and its employees. Management can better understand how much time is spent on certain projects, while employees have the assurance that their working hours are recorded fairly - including overtime. As mentioned earlier, thanks to modern project time tracking software, companies can Optimise processes and make workflows more efficient design. Time-consuming manual tasks are eliminated, so that your employees can concentrate more on their actual activities. Thanks to digitalisation! And: The use of a software solution for project time recording also encourages a result-oriented way of working. It is not only about how many hours are invested, but rather about the quality and success of the completed tasks. In this way, you increase the productivity of your team and significantly bring your company goals to the forefront. One more question: Do you trust your employees? Sure, otherwise they probably wouldn't be employed by you. So: Give your team the feeling of self-responsibility in project time recording - with the right software, this can be done without any additional administrative effort in day-to-day business. This way, your employees are motivated to use their time effectively and, if necessary, can adjust their working methods to find an optimal balance between work and free time.

Impact on flexibility & work-life balance

In today's world, flexibility in the workplace is a crucial factor in attracting and - very importantly - retaining skilled workers. With a modern software solution for project time recording, companies can make this flexibility easier to achieve. Because: thanks to the possibility of flexibly recording project times, your employees can better adapt their work to their individual circumstances. Whether part-time, flexitime or home office - project time recording helps to support flexible working models. And also Decentralised teams can work remotely conveniently record their project times. This gives companies the opportunity to look for the best talent worldwide and ensure a better work-life balance for employees. And what about overtime? In many companies Overtime as part of daily business. If you don't keep track of your time, your overtime account can get out of hand. Software like ZEP can help you better control and reduce all overtime. This in turn leads to a healthier work-life balance for your employees.

Employee satisfaction & motivation

A positive work culture and the possibility to realise a good work-life balance are closely linked to employee satisfaction and motivation. Accurate project time recording makes it possible to recognise and reward work done appropriately. Your team members feel treated fairly when their work is seen and appreciated accordingly. Your employees would like to flexibly schedule their work and autonomously record their project times? With a software solution for project time recording, you grant your team precisely this autonomy and control over their own work. This leads to increased satisfaction and a higher level of work motivation. With our proven software solution ZEP, your employees can get an accurate visual picture of their time spent and work results. It is often easier to perceive results in graphs than just to have numbers in front of you. When everyone sees what they have achieved, this brings new motivation to approach future projects more productively and thus complete them successfully.

The right software makes the difference

Do you still record your project times "old school", but would like to digitalise your project business? You are spoilt for choice when it comes to software. The selection of a suitable software solution for project time recording can be decisive for the success of your company. There are several criteria that should be considered when looking for the best software. A good software should be easy to use, both for your employees and for the project managers. A user interface that is as intuitive as possible and clear instructions facilitate the introduction as well as the acceptance of the software in the company. And since every company has different requirements for project time recording, it is important to choose software that is flexibly adaptable. The possibility to support different working time models and to make individual settings is a decisive factor. In addition, the new tool should not represent an additional administrative burden, but should be able to be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure. And: Not only the recording of project times is important, but also the analysis of the corresponding data! Only in this way can Project manager detailed insights into project times identify bottlenecks and plan the available resources more effectively. Last but not least - but one of the most important criteria - is the issue of data protection. The security of sensitive data is certainly also a top priority in your company. Therefore, the chosen software should offer modern security standards to protect personal and business data!

Project time recording with ZEP

ZEP is our reliable and proven Software solution for project time recording. Our software fulfils many of the above criteria as a matter of course. What makes us stand out? For one thing, you can rely on us - our many years of experience in project time recording make us a reliable partner for your project business. ZEP has already proven itself in more than 1,600 companies and has been established on the market for over 20 years. Another advantage: ZEP can be used as a modular system. Many Additional modules offer maximum flexibility in handling. You only pay for the modules you actually need. You already have an existing and well-functioning IT infrastructure? No problem! Our software solution for project time recording already harmonises with numerous interfaces - such as SOAP, Personio or HubSpot. In addition, the security of your data is our top priority. Our cloud-based software is hosted on German servers and meets all requirements of the DSGVO.

We support our customers, regardless of industry, in efficiently recording project times, positively influencing the work culture and enabling a better work-life balance for employees. If you want to digitise your project business, you can use our software solution mind. Test 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Do you have any questions? Please have a look visit our YouTube channel or secure a Appointment in one of our webinars. Some of your concerns can certainly be clarified here. And if you get stuck, you have the opportunity to contact us during our business hours, contact our support team.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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