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Digital project time recording 2023

In the digital age, companies face multiple challenges in project time tracking. Using specialised software solutions offers an effective solution to overcome resistance to change.
Digital project time recording 2023

The business world presents companies with many challenges, especially when it comes to digital project time tracking. The advancement of digitalisation has brought many benefits, but also new complexities. Accurate and reliable project time tracking is essential for your business success. But: What are the key challenges of project time recording? Why is the use of specialised software solutions an indispensable necessity? And: How can you overcome these challenges?

Flexibility & mobility of the workforce

In recent years, the way we work has changed drastically. The increasing spread of Remote workplaces and flexible working time models allow employees to work from anywhere. While this flexibility can increase productivity, it also brings some challenges in recording and managing project time. Traditional time tracking systems installed at fixed locations cannot keep up, and manual project time tracking can be expensive, error-prone and time-consuming. So how can you support your employees in meeting the requirements for effective and digital project time recording while still remaining flexible and mobile? Quite simply: with the right software solution. Cloud-based recording systems can enable your employees to record their working hours from anywhere and enter them into a system in real time. Advantage: Your employees can easily adjust their working hours when requirements change without having to be physically present at a workplace. In addition, offer Mobile apps additional flexibility and ensure that your employees can easily record their working hours on the go. The need for modern project time recording software becomes obvious when it comes to making the most of your employees' flexibility and mobility while efficiently managing working hours.

Accuracy & reliability of the data

The more accurately project times are recorded, the better. Why? Because the accuracy of the data is crucial and has a direct impact on project costs, client billing and the calculation of future project efforts. Manual recording of project times, on the other hand, carries the risk of errors and inaccurate data, whether through accidental input errors or deliberate 'time stealing'. Inefficient or inaccurate project time recording can lead to significant financial losses and shake clients' confidence in billing. How can you prevent this? You probably guessed it: using software solutions for project time recording minimises the risk of errors and irregularities. Each employee has his or her own access to the software and can thus record exactly the project times that he or she actually spends. Without ifs and buts. This not only contributes to a smooth project flow, but also supports the accounting of current projects. In addition, as the project manager, you have a feeling for how you can use your time in future projects. Be able to use resources optimallywithout your employees being over- or under-challenged.

Data protection & security of software solutions

With the increasing digitisation and storage of data in a cloud, concerns about data protection are naturally also taking on an ever greater scope. Cloud-based solutions for project time recording however, require the storage of sensitive personal data, such as working hours and, where applicable, location information of your employees. It is therefore essential that companies and providers of such cloud solutions ensure that this data is adequately protected to avoid data breaches and resulting legal consequences. Modern project time tracking software - which in the best case is hosted on German servers - uses highly secure encryption technologies to ensure the safety of all captured data. Reputable software providers adhere to industry-specific security standards and comply with the requirements of the DSGVO. This allows you and your employees to keep all Advantages of digital project time recording without neglecting security and data protection.

Integration into existing IT infrastructure

Do you use various software solutions for HR, accounting and project management? Then you will certainly be happy if the tool for the Project time recording seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructureright? This creates efficient workflows and can - as with ZEP - additionally contribute to the fact that not all previously used software is needed any more. Modern tools fit into your everyday business without creating additional administrative work. With ZEP, you can cover your entire project management, for example - From the offer to for invoicing. The recorded quotation data is automatically transferred to the corresponding project, your employees stamp their project times on this very project, so that there are no delays or errors in the final invoicing to your customer. In addition, the integration enables better data analysis and evaluation, as all relevant information can be brought together in one central system. The need for a specialised software solution for project time recording becomes clear at the latest when work processes can be optimised and thus efficiency increased. Because: time is money, right?

Resistance to change

The best software is only half as good if it is not accepted by the employees and is seen as an additional burden. After all, people are creatures of habit and find it difficult to get involved with new things if the tried and tested has supposedly always worked well. Therefore, when introducing digital project time recording systems, it is particularly important to get your employees on board right from the start. Transparent communication and active staff training are the be-all and end-all. Through training, your employees can better understand the advantages of digital project time recording and learn how to use the system optimally. Involving staff from the beginning and taking their feedback into account can reduce resistance and increase acceptance of the new software. You and your team can benefit from individual webinars during the introduction of the new software benefit or you can use the online help within the tool on a day-to-day basis. For general information you can also informative video tutorials be helpful. The advantage: The more information you have from the product, the better a "help for self-help" can succeed. Learning by doing is the key to success for many people, because: Only those who understand a programme correctly can also use it efficiently!

Use digital project time recording

In the age of digitalisation, the selection of the right Software for project time recording of essential importance for the success and competitiveness of your company. It's good to have an experienced partner at your side. ZEP is our proven all-in-one solution that meets the requirements of modern project management. Accuracy, transparency & scalability of our project time tracking software solution help you to digitalise your project business in an uncomplicated and cost-efficient way.

Take on the challenges of the digital age and stop wasting time with manual project time tracking techniques. You can use our software solution Test at least 30 days free of charge and without obligation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our personal support will be happy to advise you.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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