Tools for project time recording - Who has which function to offer?

ZEP is a leading time recording software that is a recommended solution for project time recording due to its many years of experience, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Tools for project time recording - A competitive comparison

The market for time recording software seems endless - there is a suitable tool for every need. Because the advantages over paper-based project time recording and management are obvious: software uses automated processes that lead to higher accuracy & efficiency and reliably stores the data for further processing.

In the following, we take a closer look at three alternative providers for contemporary project time recording.

TimeTrack - Comprehensive project time tracking tool

TimeTrack is a modern and innovative time tracking software for teams, companies and freelancers. Although the software increasingly specialises in duty scheduling, it also shows expertise in work and project time tracking. TimeTrack gives users an overview of how well the team is working on specific tasks and projects. In addition, TimeTrack tracks the working hours and absences of the staff. All users get access to their personal timesheets to track their attendances and absences. In larger teams, team members' absences can be viewed in the holiday/absence calendar to plan resources for the coming weeks. TimeTrack stands out because it combines many different functions in one easy-to-use software.

TimeTrack vs. ZEP

When over 20 years of experience meet 8 years of practice, it is relatively difficult to draw a deeper comparison. The developers of ZEP have probably seen pretty much every use case in the past 20 years, so the tool has a much wider range of (detailed) functions to offer. Especially when it comes to leave management, ZEP can draw on its full experience, as the display of all employees' absence times is clearly presented here. And in terms of API, ZEP also offers integration into users' existing systems and tools. Probably the biggest advantage of ZEP - also due to its many years of experience - seems to be the tool's modular principle. Customers can put together their own individual solution for project time recording: Modules that have different functions can be individually added to ZEP. TimeTrack offers three prefabricated packages, but users cannot design them according to their personal requirements. But: TimeTrack is still relatively young and is still in its "infancy". Here, ZEP is already a few years ahead and is on its way in "seven-mile boots".

TimeLog - Professional Services Automation for consultations

The Danish software TimeLog offers a comprehensive PSA service for consultancy-oriented companies. The focus is on the combination of time and cost recording, the management of contract types and continuous service planning. The cloud-based application can be used both as a web version and via app for Andoid and iOS. TimeLog is generally known as a reliable solution for time and project management. The integrated resource manager always gives users a real-time insight into available resources as well as the utilisation of employees. TimeLog also simplifies invoicing by automating the traditional effort and keeping it to a minimum. The software's user interface appears very clean and clear, making it largely intuitive to use. In case of questions or usage problems, users have access to software-specific online documentation at any time.

TimeLog vs. ZEP

Let's now talk about the "dinos" of project time tracking tools. Both TimeLog and ZEP have been on the market for more than 20 years and are continuously improving their portfolio. Where do they differ? First and foremost in price and support. In terms of costs, ZEP is ahead here. For a comprehensive project management tool, users pay a higher amount with TimeLog than with ZEP. Prices for the "Enterprise" package are only available on request, whereas with ZEP all prices are presented transparently. The price calculator provides information on all monthly costs per user.
Due to the internationality and the headquarters in Denmark, TimeLog mainly offers English-speaking telephone support, which may make it difficult for users from the DACH area to describe problems in detail and get appropriate help. ZEP Support offers professional help in German, which benefits customers from the DACH region. And if a customer needs help in English, they can also get it from ZEP. The team is multilingual, so that even international companies can always find the right contact person here.

Clockodo - Digitises project management processes

Clockodo is a cloud-based time tracking and project management software. It enables companies to record and track the working hours of their employees in order to make projects more efficient and profitable. To go with the software, a mobile app is also available for employees to work and record their working hours on the go. Clockodo also offers comprehensive reporting features that allow companies to get an overview of working hours, costs and project progress. Reports can be generated for specific time periods, projects or employees and provide important insights into business operations. In addition, the programme is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to use the software.

Clockodo vs. ZEP

It is difficult to find serious differences between two such popular and comprehensive tools. Only when you take a closer look do differences become visible that speak for ZEP as an "old hand". With ZEP, users have a tool at hand that can be put together very flexibly according to their needs. Thanks to the modular principle, customers really only pay for the services they actually need and use. In contrast, Clockodo offers 3 prefabricated packages, where users may not need all the functions included, but still have to pay.


Now we have got to know some providers of project time recording solutions. In all comparisons, however, it should always be noted that each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses and that the choice between ZEP and other software depends on the individual requirements and needs of a company.

Nevertheless, more than 20 years of industry experience and 1,500 ZEP customers speak for the fact that the tool is one of THE solutions on the market. Would you like to learn more about the industry leader? The ZEP Support is available to you at any time by telephone or e-mail.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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