Version Release ZEP 6.10

As of 20 March, our version update is available for all users. And you can look forward to these innovations with ZEP 6.10.
New version update ZEP 6.10

A breath of fresh air at ZEP - We announce our new version: ZEP 6.10which will be available to all users from 20 March! But why is there this update now? Quite simply: because we want to constantly develop our programme further, just as you as customers expect from us. As with previous releases, your feedback has again influenced which functions should be improved and what you expect from a software for (project) time recording. And these are the innovations in detail:

Brand new: Interface to HubSpot

We have developed a completely new module for you: The HubSpot module. With this, you can now sync companies to customers and deals to projects directly from HubSpot. This makes it even easier for you to optimise your processes & simplify your workflow. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about this module or book the new interface directly as a module.

General, Evaluations & Projects

A popular topic on all sides is the automatable and legally compliant break regulation in ZEP. Until now, the break regulations had to be assigned individually for each employee. This is now different: With ZEP 6.10, you can now also store corresponding break times for several employees at once. Another feature: An integrated calculator directly next to the km entry. Now travel booking is even faster.

How is the availability of your employees? You can easily evaluate this with the new version. The new evaluation Availability Level helps you to clearly display the employment and availability levels of your team at the touch of a button and to convert them into FTE units. How do you find this new feature? It's easy: under Employees > Evaluations > General > Degree of availability.
In addition, you now also have the option of structuring the evaluation of employee turnover shares according to transaction.

What's new on the topic of projects? With the new version, you have the option of limiting projects whose planned amount has exceeded a certain percentage. This is very simple with the evaluation of the overall status of the plan.

Overtime, Billing & Departments also get new features

In the overtime module, you can now define your own minute grid for absences so that times can be recorded and evaluated in even more detail.

The Invoice module also shines with a small enhancement: The XInvoice format now supports the BT-22 Invoice Note field.

In the department module, department heads with ZEP 6.10 have access to the device management. In addition, the task "Reminder of not yet released bookings" can be set up for each department.

Innovations in the modules Attendance & Tickets

Last but not least, it is now worthwhile to focus on the Attendance module. Why? With ZEP 6.10, sending access data for the ZEP Clock App is even easier, because the data can now be sent to several employees at the same time. Another advantage for your employees: From now on, each user can create their own app, should this be desired by the admin. With the new version, you can now also optionally restrict the evaluation of current attendances to the department. This makes your ZEP even clearer and the responsibilities are clarified.

Users of the ticket module can rejoice, because with the new filter by customer you can quickly display all tickets of a customer - independent of the project.

Focus on usability & flexibility

As with every version update, we have also paid attention to user-friendliness and flexibility with ZEP 6.10. Should you nevertheless have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact our Support team turn.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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