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Web or App? How to use ZEP most effectively.

ZEP is an effective time tracking software with a mobile app that helps companies and employees easily manage working hours and projects and benefit from transparency, efficiency and flexibility.
Web or App - Blog Time Recording

There are different ways to record working and project times, depending on the needs and requirements of the company. Some of the most effective methods are electronic time recording systems, where times are recorded via software, and mobile apps that also offer GPS tracking, among other things. What has certainly been practised in the past, but has no further future, are paper-based systems. However, due to the susceptibility to errors and the time required, these are hardly suitable for effective time recording management.

Who cycles most effectively and how?

ZEP is a powerful and scalable solution that helps companies and employees manage working hours and projects in a simple and effective way. With a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface, ZEP is a flexible and adaptable solution that adapts to the needs of different industries and target groups. But who zept how best?

Companies with many employees

Companies with a large number of employees can benefit from ZEP as they can use the software to easily record and manage, among other things, working hours, overtime, holidays and sick leave for all employees. The integration of ZEP into existing systems such as payroll also facilitates the management of employee data. Further support is provided by the ZEP Terminal or the ZEP app to have a lot of staff stamp or record data as quickly and easily as possible. This means less training for the front end and satisfied users.

Freelancers and self-employed

Freelancers and self-employed people can use ZEP to effectively record their working hours and efficiently manage their projects and clients. The app facilitates general data entry, recording working hours and monitoring the progress of projects. With an occasional login to the ZEP Web Frontend, self-employed and freelancers can create invoices more easily afterwards, bill their projects to the minute and make detailed evaluations.

Project manager and team leader

Project managers and team leaders use the ZEP Web Frontend for administration and controlling to track the working hours and progress of their teams and to effectively manage project budgets. In the best case, users exclusively use the ZEP app to record their project times to the minute. This way, you keep track of tasks, goals and deadlines and can monitor the progress of your projects at any time.

Home Office Employees

Employees who work from home can use ZEP to manage their working hours and projects and keep their employer informed about their work. The app also makes it possible to record working hours from different locations, which is particularly useful for remote colleagues.

Company with flexible working hours

Companies with flexible working time arrangements can use ZEP to easily record the working hours of their employees and effectively manage the workload. ZEP makes it easy to monitor working hours, approve leave days and manage overtime. With ZEP Compact it is also possible to record only by duration, so that you only have to enter the number of hours and not the start/end time via the app or web frontend. The focus here is clearly on flexibility, so that even companies with the trust-based working time model can record all times and comply with the legal rules.

Small tool, big relief - The ZEP app

The ZEP app - depending on the programme, the ZEP Clock app or the ZEP2 app are recommended here - is a mobile application that allows employees to record their working hours from their smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free of charge. Employees can record their working hours quickly and easily, submit receipts directly via the app and also stamp on project time favourites. Remote employees or employees in the field can conveniently record their working hours from different locations, which increases flexibility and mobility many times over.

Another advantage of the ZEP app is that it allows seamless integration with the web version of ZEP. This means that employees using the app can synchronise their recorded working times and projects with the web version of ZEP in real time. This means that project managers and team leaders always have an up-to-date overview of their teams' working hours and progress.


In summary, ZEP is an effective time tracking software that helps companies and employees manage working hours and projects in a simple and effective way. The ZEP app is a valuable addition to the web version, allowing employees to record their working hours and projects on the go. Companies and employees using ZEP can benefit from a higher level of transparency, efficiency and flexibility to ultimately increase their productivity. Our vision is to seamlessly combine both uses - app and web. Basic users mainly use the app and thus have a simple user experience. Anyone with more rights also uses the web frontend to cover more complex topics such as evaluations, administration, invoices or offers.

With our 30 days trial version you have the opportunity to put ZEP through its paces and see which functions offer you the best opportunities for effective project time recording. If you have any questions, you can always Contact our support.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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