Directive Time Recording Template for Word & PDF

With this time recording policy template, you can easily define the procedures and standards for recording and managing working hours in your company. It serves to regulate working hours, increase productivity and ensure compliance with company guidelines.

Internal company guidelines for time recording

Use cases for the time recording policy

Guide for employees on correct time recording

Easy to adopt and expand

Clear guideline for compliance with regulations

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about the time recording policy

The template provides a basis for clearly defining working time guidelines for all employees. The template can be edited and extended as required in Word.

Legal requirements for time recording vary by country and industry, but a clear time recording policy can help companies comply with legal requirements and minimise legal risks.

Yes, ZEP offers a practical way to implement such a policy. With its versatile functions for recording and managing working times, ZEP can effectively implement a company's time recording guidelines and ensure compliance. Briefing employees on the exact contents of the policy is recommended despite the intuitive user interface.

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Time recording made easy with ZEP

As the number of employees grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to comply with your own time recording guidelines. With ZEP, you always have an overview.