Proof of activity template
for Excel & PDF

With this time sheet template, you can easily and free of charge record your time with Excel or on paper. The Excel & PDF template allows you to systematically record and document work activities, projects and time spent. It serves to increase productivity and ensure transparency in the tracking of working hours.

Proof of activity template

Use cases for the activity report template

Accurate time recording per employee

Automatic calculation of project times

Detailed overview of all activities

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about the activity report:

With this free activity report template, you can easily document your working hours at project level. All times are automatically totalled.

No, the activity report template can be used in both paper and digital form. Digital templates often offer additional functions such as automatic calculations and reporting.

Yes, the activity report template is suitable for freelancers and self-employed persons to document working hours and project expenses and to create invoices.

Yes, ZEP offers an efficient way to create activity records. With its extensive time recording and management functions, users can easily create and prove detailed records of their work activities.

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Simply complete your activity report with ZEP

As the number of projects grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to clearly visualise time recording and activity reports. With time recording in ZEP, you always have an overview.
Both in small and large teams.