Arbeitszeiterfassung Vorlage für Excel & PDF

Diese kostenlose Vorlage zur Arbeitszeiterfassung in Excel oder PDF bietet Ihnen eine einfache Möglichkeit der gesetzlichen Verpflichtung zur Arbeitszeiterfassung nachzukommen. Denn dies ist nach dem Beschluss des Bundesarbeitsgerichts (BAG), welcher das Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofs (EuGH) als verbindlich betrachtet, für alle Unternehmen Pflicht.

Working time recording template Excel PDF


Have employees' working hours recorded

Unabhängig vom Arbeitszeitmodell einsatzfähig

Have working hours approved with signature

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

This free template makes it easier to comply with the legal obligation to record working time, which is mandatory for all companies due to the decision of the Federal Labour Court (BAG) and the binding ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The template for recording working hours offers the option of recording employee working hours flexibly and using them regardless of the working time model. There is also the option of securing recorded working times with a signature, which guarantees additional protection and legally valid confirmation. The integrated functions not only make working time recording more efficient, but also more transparent and legally secure.

The template for recording working hours with Excel or as a PDF allows you to easily record working hours and break times in hh:mm format. By entering this data, the actual working time is calculated automatically. With efficient, stored formulas, the template enables fast and uncomplicated recording of working times. These automated calculations minimise errors and ensure precise and reliable recording of working times.

ZEP's working time recording provides a clear overview of manually recorded working times, both in small and large teams. Even with an increasing amount of data, the solution ensures that clarity is maintained and that you always have an overview of the entire working time recording.

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Mit wachsender Datenmenge wird die übersichtliche Darstellung von manuell erfassten Arbeitszeiten eine immer größere Herausforderung. In der Arbeitszeiterfassung von ZEP behalten Sie stets den Überblick. Sowohl in kleinen als auch großen Teams.