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24/7 Trading Ltd.

24/7 Handels GmbH is firmly anchored in the erotic, (BD)SM & fetish sector. As one of the market leaders in the industry, the company can look back on over 20 years of experience. The main sales channel is the extensive and beautifully designed online shop. In Hamburg, interested customers can also admire and purchase all the paraphernalia in the flagship store with boutique flair. The industry leader is expanding and plans to open branches in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich in the future.

ZEP offers the missing icing on the cake

Time recording has always been an issue for the Hamburg company. At some point, however, the old system reached its limits, no more updates were delivered and so Managing Director Jörg Schalk went in search of a tool that would meet all requirements. "ZEP Clock is super easy to use, very intuitive and offers us an evaluation option that we sorely missed with our previous programme," says Schalk. The evaluation option is valuable for the company not only for self-monitoring, but also when it comes to issues such as social security audits.

Remote and on-site operation

With the main sales channel of an online shop, it is obvious that some of the employees work in a home office - especially in the areas of support and accounting. Here, ZEP Clock offers an easy way to record time. The team in the flagship store and even the cleaning staff use ZEP on site - simply via the tablet. "This way we can always see directly who has clocked in, no more times are lost & the staff have no extra work in their daily business," says Jörg Schalk happily. "The installation practically went by itself!

Final conclusion

"We zepen because it is simple, intuitive and super!" - Jörg Schalk, Managing Director 24/7 Handels GmbH.

24/7 Trading Ltd.

Lurup Hauptstraße 50a
22547 Hamburg

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