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Since 2018, OAC Analytics GmbH has been supporting corporate groups and medium-sized companies in Germany in the selection and introduction of business intelligence software in the subject areas of corporate planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation. In addition to on-site expert advice, the company offers competitive prices for all its services.
ZEP user reports

Understand & implement yourself

Since counsellors can only be charged for their counselling time, a project time recording system was needed that met these requirements and at the same time was flexible enough to be able to make adjustments. After a thorough evaluation, Managing Director Bhagat Ransi ultimately chose ZEP. "We needed something we could understand and implement ourselves," Ransi recalls. "From simple time tracking to project management, ZEP covers our needs very well!" And staff don't have any extra work using ZEP either, as an internal training document covers almost all questions. In addition, the online help in ZEP is also used occasionally.

Internal & external hand in hand

There is also enthusiasm about the topic of interfaces - Mr. Ransi particularly emphasises the SOAP interface. "We get all the necessary data out of ZEP, transfer it to our BI tool and can thus plan exactly," says Ransi happily. Here, planning is done monthly with the team's own system, which is even more familiar to them. Although the implementation with ZEP required some development effort, it now works all the more smoothly in interaction with ZEP.

Final conclusion

"We zepen because the tool is easy for us as a consultancy, but also to maintain transparency towards our clients!" - Bhagat Ransi, Managing Director OAC Analytics GmbH.

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