Comparison: ZEP vs ATOSS

Decide between ATOSS and ZEP Clock, two main providers of time recording software. ATOSS offers an extensive range of functions, but the pricing is extremely opaque and only becomes apparent after a consultation. ZEP Clock offers full transparency by making all functions and prices directly accessible on the website. This enables faster and easier decision-making.
Which software meets your requirements better?

ZEP Clock vs ATOSS

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ZEP Clock is an intuitive time and attendance programme that can be used via both desktop and mobile applications. It offers flexible break configurations, holiday management with approval procedures and integrated calendar functions for employee planning. A highlight is the option to customise the design and integrate the company's corporate identity. For companies that work on a customer and/or project-oriented basis, the programmes ZEP Compact and ZEP Professional available.

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ATOSS is a workforce management software. The tool offers personnel organisation solutions for companies of all sizes, which are made available in the cloud or on-premise. ATOSS provides support with time recording, detailed personnel requirements analysis, time management and intuitive self-services. Different packages are offered depending on the size of the company, but you can also put together your own optimal solution.

= Function is included
= Function can be added
Personal customer support by telephone
30-day free trial version
Maximum number of users Unlimited unknown
Price 1,50€/user unknown
Work time tracking
Staff management
Holiday management
Configurable break regulations
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI
Single sign-on
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms
Modular expansion of functions possible

Software comparison: ZEP vs ATOSS

Time recording, break times

Both ZEP Clock and ATOSS offer an easy way to record working times. This is possible both on the desktop and via Time recording apps possible. Both products also offer the option of time tracking via a Terminal The ZEP terminal does not require high acquisition costs and can be rented at a favourable price of €15/month. The break times are highly configurable for both products.

Holiday management

Both products offer holiday management. For example, holiday requests with approval procedures can be submitted in ZEP Clock and in ATOSS. In addition, absences can be displayed in the calendar for both, so that employee planning can be carried out successfully.  

Customisable design

With its customisable design, ZEP Clock offers the option of using the company's own colours and logos to make the corporate identity visible in time recording.


ZEP Clock is very user-friendly thanks to its minimalist and easy-to-understand user interface, while ATOSS is difficult to familiarise users with due to its confusing website and unappealing user interface.


To summarise, the choice between ZEP Clock and ATOSS depends on the specific requirements of the company. Both offer all the essential features for working time recording. In addition, ZEP Clock offers the advantage that all functions and prices can be seen on the website, whereas with ATOSS, more detailed information about the product scope and price is only available after a consultation.

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