Comparison: ZEP vs helloHQ

One of the most important tasks in everyday project work is project management. tools such as ZEP Professional and helloHQ relieve you of important work and provide an overview of the various projects. What are your individual requirements and which solution is the right one for you?

ZEP Professional vs helloHQ

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ZEP Professional is a comprehensive project management and time recording solution that offers companies a flexible and customised platform. With versatile functions such as detailed time recording, efficient project management, customer management, quotation creation and invoicing, ZEP Professional enables efficient organisation and implementation of projects.

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helloHQ is an agency software that contains elements from project management, CRM, invoicing and controlling. Orders can be planned and managed, times recorded and the lead pipeline tracked via a Kanban board. Three different tariffs are offered, consisting of a monthly basic fee and the monthly costs for the user licences.

= Function is included
= Function can be added
ZEP helloHQ
Personal customer support by telephone
30-day free trial version 14-day free trial version
Maximum number of users Unlimited unknown
Maximum number of projects Unlimited unknown
Price 20€/user 21€/user + basic fee: 600€
Work time tracking
Staff management
Project time tracking
Customer management
Holiday management
Travel expense report
Customised cost accounting
Resource planning
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI
Single sign-on
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms
Modular expansion of functions possible

Software comparison: ZEP vs helloHQ

Add-on functions

With helloHQ, there are only three subscription models with different functional scope and depth. In contrast, ZEP Professional enables a modular and flexible expansion of the Functions. This enables a high degree of customisation in order to find the ideal solution for you. In addition to the basic functions, additional packages such as an integrated Travel expense report or ticket creation can be booked. This flexibility avoids costs for unused functions and you only pay for what you actually use.

Time recording, project time recording

helloHQ concentrates mainly on the management of projects and the Recording of project times. In addition, the pure working time can be recorded using a stopwatch. In contrast, time recording in ZEP Professional is one of the main features and offers a variety of detailed functions compared to helloHQ. A real-time view of the actual working times and their evaluation is possible, whereby Time recording terminals can be offered on site for clocking in and out. The generated data can be automatically assigned to the respective projects, which enables a detailed comparison of attendance times and project times. Compared to helloHQ, ZEP Professional therefore offers an extended range of time recording functions.

Project management

Projects can be created and managed in helloHQ as well as in ZEP Professional. It is possible to create different projects with the corresponding basic data as well as the assigned tasks and sub-projects. Detailed analyses of started and completed projects are available in both ZEP Professional and helloHQ. In addition, work locations and activities can be recorded for projects, as well as the clear assignment of project managers and project staff.

Holidays, overtime & absences

To keep track of available employees at all times, helloHQ and ZEP Professional offer comprehensive team calendars in which Holidays and absences can be entered. ZEP Professional also offers an integrated public holiday calendar for each federal state and enables the integration of an approval process for holiday requests.

Customer management

ZEP Professional offers various functions for managing your customers. The internal assignment of customer managers, for example, ensures smooth communication. Customer management is a central aspect for helloHQ. A contact database, contact histories and a defined lead process ensure good communication with the customer. 

Prices & Receipts

Both ZEP Professional and helloHQ offer a wide range of functions for project controlling. In addition to automated revenue and turnover analyses, you can also Receipts and third-party costs can be stored. The integration of various exchange rates and foreign currencies enables both software solutions to be used internationally without any problems. In addition to these functions, ZEP Professional offers the use of internal cost rates with which profitability calculations can be carried out. Furthermore, individual hourly and daily rates can be selected or a lump sum price can be stored for a project. helloHQ does not offer these functions in this form. Neither does ZEP Professional offer individually definable surcharges for night shifts, for example.


Both tools simplify the preparation and management of quotations. Standardised processes for Quotation preparation based on templates can be used and make work easier. Quotations can be sent directly to the customer. With ZEP Professional, the corresponding project is also automatically created in the software when the quotation is accepted and time recording can be started directly in the project.


ZEP Professional and helloHQ enable the automatic Creation of invoicesThe company's own stationery can be used to represent the corporate identity to the outside world. A dunning system is also integrated in both tools. In contrast to helloHQ, ZEP Professional reminds users of billable services and provides an internal approval process to ensure reliable and error-free billing of projects. In addition, detailed documentation and accounting analyses of incoming payments are possible, which helloHQ does not offer in this form. 

Resource planning

The strategic Resource planning is a crucial step in project planning. Both solutions offer the opportunity to overcome this challenge. Utilisation can be monitored both graphically and in tabular form and it is possible to compare planned and actual working times. In addition, employees can be assigned to specific projects as well as several projects simultaneously to ensure a comprehensive overview.

Travel expense report

ZEP Professional enables simple management of the Travel expense report. Meal costs can be recorded, reimbursements paid out to employees and various tax rates and country-specific regulations can be taken into account. Employees can submit any number of receipt types, which in turn can be forwarded directly to the customer. helloHQ does not offer these functions.

Tickets, tasks & to-dos

ZEP Professional is particularly attractive for agile companies, as it offers the possibility to Project tickets and sub-projects, book times to them and invoice them. In addition, ZEP Professional offers optional customer access, clearly defined status transitions and customisable priorities. In contrast, helloHQ does not have these functionalities and does not offer a solution for these requirements.

Departments, Branches, Locations

While helloHQ reaches its limits with more complex structures and increasing company size, ZEP Professional offers the possibility of flexibly designing and expanding complex company structures. Additional locations, parent companies or subsidiaries can be integrated into the system. Furthermore, analyses can be carried out according to DepartmentsThe data can be used for internal cost allocations, for the organisation of the company, branches or locations as well as for internal cost allocation.


helloHQ is primarily aimed at marketing and sales professionals. Advertising agencieswhile ZEP Professional offers a flexible combination of different function packages to provide a complete solution for a wide range of industries and company sizes. Both platforms aim to combine different business tasks in a single environment to increase the efficiency of their customers' day-to-day business. Compared to helloHQ, ZEP Professional offers an extended range of functions, such as the integration of an approval process for holidays or travel expense accounting. Furthermore, ZEP Professional enables a more flexible adaptation of company structures, which makes it a sustainable and long-term solution for expanding companies. Furthermore, compared to helloHQ, ZEP Professional is a cheaper option with an extended range of functions.

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