Comparison: ZEP vs TimO

Choose between the top tools for SMEs: TimO, the flexible solution for precise time and project management, or ZEP Compact, the holistic software suite for digital work processes.
Which system offers the optimum balance of functionality and user-friendliness for your company?

ZEP Compact vs TimO24

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ZEP Compact is a versatile software solution for work and project time recording. With its modular structure, the tool enables easy expansion of the range of functions, including travel expense accounting, absence and holiday management as well as a separate order and invoice tool. This flexibility makes ZEP a comprehensive solution for various areas of application.

TimO supports small and medium-sized companies in their day-to-day digital work. The modular software covers numerous business processes in the company that are usually covered by various individual tools. With cloud and mobile time recording app solutions, they control all important processes in a complete package with software, app and terminal.

= Function is included
= Function can be added
Personal customer support by telephone
30-day free trial version
Maximum number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of projects Unlimited Unlimited
Price 8€/user Single user: 59.99€; from 5 users 7.99€ + module costs per user
Work time tracking
Staff management
Project time tracking
Customer management
Holiday management
Travel expense report
Customised cost accounting
Resource planning
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI
Single sign-on
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms
Modular expansion of functions possible

Software comparison: ZEP vs TimO

Add-on functions

Both ZEP Compact and TimO are available as Software for project time recording has a modular structure. This means that the required functions can be added individually, so that the product can be customised to your own requirements. TimO consists of several individual modules, whereas ZEP Compact offers the advantage that all relevant aspects of project time recording are included right from the start.  

Time recording, project time recording

Both tools are designed to meet the requirements of customer- and project-orientated time recording. On the one hand, project times can be recorded per project level and at sub-project level. On the other hand, these times can also be analysed directly and displayed in real time. ZEP Compact also offers the option of recording times for internal projects such as training courses. In combination with the recorded project times, this results in a Legally compliant time recording.

Project management

TimO and ZEP Compact both offer extensive options for managing projects. Projects can be subdivided into sub-tasks and project teams with different roles and at different locations can be organised. Company departments can be recorded. The project can then also be analysed.

Prices & Receipts

The mapping and entry of hourly and daily rates are integrated as standard in both solutions. However, TimO's project time recording does not have the functions for creating flat-rate and fixed-price projects. Here, billing should not be based on time, but on a fixed price, so that the costs can be allocated internally. In addition, TimO does not offer surcharges at certain times, e.g. to map night work. Both products offer the function of Expense report and include various conversion rates and foreign currencies, so that international use is also possible without any problems.

Travel expense report

Both tools can be used to Travel expenses can be settled in an uncomplicated manner. Both can map different tax rates and country-specific regulations. The document types that can be submitted with TimO are not as varied as with ZEP Compact, as this tool scores above all with its flexibility in document processing: take a photo of the document, upload it directly to the corresponding project, done!

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

With TimO and ZEP Compact, you can Holiday requests with authorisation procedures. These are also automatically displayed in a calendar for a better overview. Unfortunately, there is no public holiday calendar in TimO which, like ZEP Compact, can also display a wide range of variants depending on the federal state. Only the public holidays of all German federal states are already integrated in TimO holiday management. In addition, TimO does not offer the function of a month-end closing, which prevents the entry of further booking processes.

Tickets, tasks & to-dos

The ability to create project tickets and subtasks, book times to them and also invoice them is particularly interesting for agile companies. ZEP Compact and TimO offer this feature. Optional customer access, clearly defined status transitions and configurable prioritisation round off the offer in the Ticket system from ZEP Compact.

Resource planning

During project planning, the Resource planning important. This can be realised with the help of both products. Utilisation can be controlled both graphically and in tabular form and target and actual times can be compared. Members can also be scheduled on a project-specific or cross-project basis.


With ZEP Compact it is no longer a problem, freelancers to be posted. In addition to credit notes for projects, project-specific internal hourly and daily rates can also be stored. This simplifies processing considerably. Such a solution is not part of the TimO software for project time recording. 

Departments, Branches, Locations

Within TimO and ZEP Compact, complex company structures can be flexibly set up and expanded. In both products, further Company locations as well as parent companies and subsidiaries. ZEP Compact also offers analyses per department, branch or location and also enables analyses for internal cost allocation.

Target group

ZEP Compact is suitable for all industries and company sizes with project business - from freelancers to large corporations. TimO, on the other hand, is more focussed on small and medium-sized companies.


Also for the verification of the Attendance both software tools are suitable. ZEP Compact and TimO offer clock-in and clock-out functions as well as a comparison of working times vs. project times. Attendance can also be displayed in real time.


It depends on the individual requirements of your company whether you decide in favour of ZEP Compact or project time recording with TimO. TimO offers a comprehensive solution for time recording in projects, but ZEP Compact goes far beyond TimO with its many additional functions. From legally compliant time recording to flexible invoicing of flat-rate and fixed-price projects, ZEP Compact offers everything that companies need for efficient day-to-day project work. With functions such as versatile expense accounting, comprehensive travel expense accounting and flexible overtime and holiday management, ZEP Compact is the ideal solution for companies of any size and in any industry.

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