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Why you can trust ZEP? Both our software and we as provantis IT Solutions GmbH meet the requirements of the EU-DSGVO. We are therefore 100 percent data protection compliant for you.

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The BAG ruling on the recording of working time has now made the rounds and has been received by both employers and employees. Time to act! But what about data protection? We pay particular attention to this in the development and operation of our CEP. With us, everything comes from a single source, is 100 % "Made in Germany" and DSGVO-compliant. In the sense of Basic Data Protection Regulation Art. 28 we naturally work with order processing contracts that we conclude with each customer when it comes to signing the contract. When using ZEP, you can be sure to comply with all data protection requirements that apply here in Germany. All data collected in ZEP is stored and processed exclusively in high-security data centres in Germany. As a German company, provantis is subject to the requirements of the DSGVO. You can also expect the following from us in terms of data protection:

Availability - 24/7 data access

You have the highest demands on the security of your company's internal data? So do we! And this is exactly why our cloud hosting partners are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 certified. This means that our partners and we meet high security standards for the protection of your data in the cloud. But we also want your data to be in safe hands physically. That is why we place particular emphasis on critical aspects such as "fire protection" and "uninterruptible power supply" when selecting our data centres. So that your data doesn't simply go up in flames.

The permanent monitoring of accessibility and the capacity of our servers offer you reliable 24/7 access to your data - secure, digital & DSGVO-compliant. We achieve this quality standard, among other things, through the redundant design of our server infrastructure.

Backup - Because twice is better

For the nightmare of all companies - a complete loss of data - we have of course taken precautions. To ensure that your data is not lost, an automated redundant data backup is carried out daily in our data centres. In this way, we reliably guarantee the storage of your data on S3 backup storage, which is also encrypted.

How long will your data be kept? The data backups in our data centres are kept for at least 4 months. This means that a full backup can be restored for you at any time during this period. We thus guarantee the security of your data and can restore it within the shortest possible time - even in the unlikely event of an unprecedented total system failure: thanks to our Disaster Recovery Concept.

DSGVO - A special concern for us

As the protection of your data is very important to us, we have made this a central part of our service promise to you. For this reason, our ZEP is hosted exclusively in German data centres and we have taken extensive technical and organisational measures to ensure your data security. This is the case today and will remain so in the future. Promised!

Why you can trust ZEP as software? Both our software and we as provantis IT Solutions GmbH meet the requirements of the EU-DSGVO. We are therefore 100 percent data protection compliant for you.

Awards - Above the clouds

In May 2022, our CEP was again selected for 12 months certified as "Certified Cloud" by the industry association Cloud Ecosystem e.V.. What does that mean exactly? Our managing director Benny Hahn knows more: "Certifications are a very good way for us to have our solution checked and evaluated by third parties. This gives our customers the security of using a solution that meets all current specifications and requirements for a web-based software solution."

We are aware of our importance as a software provider and therefore also rely on external certificates. So that you as a customer can really be sure that you have a reliable partner at your side. Especially when it comes to performance and data security, certificates provide confirmation from independent third parties and hopefully make the decision-making process easier.

Do you have questions about our software, the security of your data or our data centres? Feel free to contact us.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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