Project time recording with ZEP - All-in-one solution for all companies

Project time tracking is crucial for efficiency and success in companies of all sizes. Learn how ZEP meets the needs of companies large and small.
Project time recording with ZEP - The all-in-one solution for all companies

In an increasingly competitive business world, where efficiency and productivity are the keys to success, the topic of project time recording is becoming more and more relevant. It not only helps to optimise operational processes, but also to keep an eye on costs, improve the quality of your work and increase your company's competitiveness. However, the requirements for project time recording software can differ significantly - depending on the size of the company. In this blog, let's take a more detailed look at the respective requirements and advantages of project time tracking software in large and small companies.

Project time recording in large companies: Complex requirements

Large companies are often active in different countries or several national locations and simultaneously manage a multitude of projects across the board. This complexity leads to a multitude of employees, departments and projects that need to be coordinated. In this context, project time recording becomes a demanding task, as it is not only the mere collection of working hours, but also requires an exact allocation of working hours to specific projects. For this, the use of suitable software for project time recording is advantageous. But as a global player, what should you look for when choosing such software? What must it be able to do to ensure a smooth business process, to avoid errors and delays and to organise project, resource and budget planning precisely?

Real-time capability

Project time recording software must be able to record and display your employees' working hours in real time. This enables you as a manager and project officer to always have up-to-date information on resource utilisation and project progress. This allows you to react more quickly to changes and use resources in a more results-oriented way.


You know how it is: as soon as a project is started, the general conditions suddenly change. A software for project time recording must therefore be flexible enough to add or adapt new projects, additional departments or freelancers without much effort. This ensures that the software meets the changing project requirements without jeopardising the accuracy of the project time recording.

Integration capacity

Since different departments in your company are most likely working on different projects in parallel, seamless Integration of software for project time recording into your existing business systems is crucial - especially where other ERP, CRM or HR systems are in use. This not only enables you to have a smooth flow of information between different departments or locations, but also ensures consistent and reliable recording of project times.


Do you want your company to keep growing? The right software for project time recording keeps pace with growth. What does that mean exactly? The software must not only be able to manage an increasing number of employees and projects, but also maintain data quality and performance. This ensures that time tracking remains reliable even as the company grows in complexity and size!

The basic prerequisite for the above-mentioned requirements is, of course, that the software is based on a robust technical infrastructure. After all, in order to handle the continuous flow of project time data in real time, it is important to have a reliable and powerful technical infrastructure with stable databases and high-performance servers. This ensures that the software runs smoothly and that there are no interruptions or delays, which could have serious consequences for a large company. A Software for project time recording enables optimal allocation of staff to projects and tasks. This leads to a more efficient use of existing resources and helps to reduce costs. Why? By using appropriate software, you can identify inefficient processes and weak points more quickly and make targeted improvements, thus optimising your operations. Last, but not least, you are probably asking yourself the legitimate question about compliance and data protection. Well, of course you should also pay attention to this before introducing suitable software for project time recording. This will support you in adhering to strict compliance and data protection regulations so that sanctions and legal risks are avoided right from the start.

As you can see, the right project time tracking software is a comprehensive tool to optimise your operational processes, use resources more efficiently and successfully meet the challenges of a complex and dynamic business world. With the use of the appropriate tool, you retain full control over costs and processes, while always remaining flexible enough to remain successful in an increasingly regulated environment!

Project time tracking in small businesses: Multitasking genius

Small businesses may not have the same financial clout as their larger competitors, but they have unique qualities that make them indispensable in the corporate world. These companies are known for their agility, creativity and willingness to face ever-changing and often challenging market conditions. Unlike the global players, small businesses can respond quickly to opportunities, implement innovative ideas and adapt quickly to changing customer requirements.

And yet: In terms of project time recording, small companies have special requirements and needs that require a customised solution. While in large companies it is more likely that technical experts work on the respective projects, in small companies it is the all-rounders who contribute their expertise on different projects and thus cover several roles (as well as daily/hourly rates) at the same time. And this is exactly where the decisive added value of a suitable software for project time recording lies. It allows your company to play to its strengths in terms of agility and creativity by offering a customisable and flexible solution. To ensure that their business processes are not affected by additional administrative work, small companies have more detailed requirements for project time recording software:


The time you spend on introducing project time recording software is more limited than in large companies. A user-friendly project time tracking software offers you the advantage that it can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing work processes - without major installations, this is most quickly achieved with a cloud-based tool. In the best case, this requires no extensive training or long familiarisation periods, so that your employees can immediately start recording their project times. This contributes to the efficiency of the team, as less time is lost on administrative tasks.


Agreements with customers can also vary. While in large companies there are often standard contracts, as a small company you can accommodate your customers to a certain extent (e.g. with the Topic Travel Expense Guidelines). And this is where the flexibility of a project time tracking software comes into play. It must be able to integrate smoothly into different project requirements and patterns without you losing track. What does that mean? You can easily add new project and assignments and adapt existing structures as project goals change. The flexibility of software allows you to adapt to new business opportunities and challenges in an agile way without wasting precious time on elaborate adjustments.

Efficiency & resource use

In a time when every resource, every budget item and every minute matters, efficient project time recording is critical for your company. Because: time is money! And accurate tracking of work and project times allows you to bill accurately, which in turn improves cash flow and supports business growth. Since small businesses often have limited resources, they need to be optimally utilised and targeted to remain competitive. Project time tracking helps minimise wasted resources by ensuring that every hour of work spent has a clear contribution to the project and is therefore recorded directly so that invoicing can be done smoothly at the end of the project. Advantage: You no longer have to wait several weeks before invoicing until all project participants have entered their times!

Project transparency

Do you have a small team and want to be able to continuously monitor the status of your projects and make adjustments as needed? Project time tracking software goes a long way towards improving transparency by providing insights into project progress and workload. This not only promotes internal communication, but also strengthens the trust of your customers. Because: clients appreciate it when they can track the progress of their projects and they know exactly what they are paying for.

So in a world where innovation and flexibility often set the tone for small businesses, project time tracking is much more than just a tool - it is the key to optimising and creating a successful future. Project time tracking software allows you to play to your strengths in efficiency and adaptability and succeed in a competitive market.

Universal project time recording with ZEP: for companies of all sizes

And now: Let's cut to the chase! In a world where companies come in different shapes and sizes, you are probably asking yourself the legitimate question: Is there a project time tracking solution that is suitable for companies of all sizes? The answer to this question is clearly "yes" - and it bears the name ZEP. Our Software for project time recording is a flexible and modular tool that is equally suitable for large and small companies.

Large companies have a wide range of requirements for project time recording. These go far beyond the simple recording of working hours and include the seamless coordination of many employees and numerous projects. ZEP offers you a comprehensive solution that addresses your complex requirements. Best of all, as you grow, ZEP grows with you. You can add or cancel staff at any time. ZEP's modularity allows you to handle all the requirements of your project business. As in a modular system, you choose from over 15 additional modules those you need for your everyday business. For example, we support large companies with the Module Departments, Branches & Locations. This means you always have an overview of how individual departments or branches are performing and can evaluate the projects of individual business units in order to map your individual company structure. With the Module offers you save valuable time as a large company and dispense with manual processes in the creation of standardised offer documents. Advantage: Project managers can be specifically involved in the preparation of the offer via a workflow. As soon as your customer accepts the offer, you can transfer all offered items into your project, whereupon all assigned project participants can then enter their corresponding working times. With the Invoicing module you can invoice your customers directly for the expenses recorded in ZEP after the project has been completed. This modularity in ZEP allows large companies to meet the specific requirements of your day-to-day business while only paying for the modules you have booked.

Of course, this does not only apply to the big global players, but also to small businesses. ZEP flexibly adapts to your work rhythm and supports you in all workflows. In this way, you can also manage your projects and resources efficiently in a small company. With the Resource planning module you can keep an eye on the progress of your project at all times. You can plan your already limited resources with foresight using this module, so that you can understand how your employees are utilised at any time. Perhaps you are still in the very early stages of your business and often work with freelancers on projects? Our Module Freelancers simplifies your cooperation. How? You work together in a ZEP and can pay your freelancers directly as a credit for the time spent. Another plus is the uncomplicated and digital management of holiday and absence times. In small companies, this is often still done analogue, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors. With our Overtime, Absences & Holidays Module you keep track of when which employees are absent and how much overtime is accrued. This allows you to process leave/absence requests faster and at the same time prevents information from being lost or even overlooked.

So you see, no matter the size of your business, ZEP is our universal answer to your project time tracking challenges. We offer you a flexible & almost tailor-made solution, without hidden costs. Because: With us, there is no minimum term. Monthly changes, additions or cancellations of modules and employees are already included in our all-in-one solution. Would you like to see for yourself? Here you can Test ZEP for at least 30 days free of charge and without obligation. In our informative webinars you will then learn everything you need to know about setting, using and optimising.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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