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Time recording for small businesses " All rules & tools ✓

Find out why project time tracking is essential for small companies and how modern software such as ZEP can help. Optimise your work processes, increase efficiency and stay competitive!
Time recording for small businesses " All rules & tools ✓

In a business world where efficiency and productivity are crucial, project time tracking is becoming increasingly important. For small companies, it can help to optimise work processes, keep an eye on costs, increase quality and remain competitive. However, the requirements for time tracking software vary considerably depending on the size of the company. In this blog, we would like to take a closer look at the specific requirements and benefits of project time tracking software for small companies.

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Requirements for time recording systems
ZEP for small companies
Advantages for small businesses

Project time tracking in small businesses: Multitasking genius

Small businesses may not have the same financial clout as their larger competitors, but they have unique qualities that make them indispensable in the corporate world. These companies are known for their agility, creativity and willingness to face ever-changing and often challenging market conditions. Unlike the global players, small businesses can respond quickly to opportunities, implement innovative ideas and adapt quickly to changing customer requirements.

Time recording systems for small companies: These are the requirements

With regard to the Project time tracking small companies have special requirements and needs that require a customised solution. While large companies tend to have technical experts working on the respective projects, in small companies it is the all-rounders who contribute their expertise to various projects and thus cover several roles (and daily/hourly rates) at the same time. And this is precisely where the decisive added value of suitable software for project time recording lies. It enables your company to play to its strengths in terms of agility and creativity by offering a customisable and flexible solution. To ensure that their business processes are not affected by additional administrative work, small companies have more detailed requirements for project time tracking software:


The time you spend on introducing project time recording software is more limited than in large companies. A user-friendly project time tracking software offers you the advantage that it can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing work processes - without major installations, this is most quickly achieved with a cloud-based tool. In the best case, this requires no extensive training or long familiarisation periods, so that your employees can immediately start recording their project times. This contributes to the efficiency of the team, as less time is lost on administrative tasks.


Agreements with customers can also vary. While large companies often have standard contracts, as a small company you can accommodate your customers to a certain extent (e.g. when it comes to Travel expenses). And this is where the flexibility of a project time tracking software comes into play. It must be able to integrate smoothly into different project requirements and patterns without you losing track. What does that mean? You can easily add new project and assignments and adapt existing structures as project goals change. The flexibility of software allows you to adapt to new business opportunities and challenges in an agile way without wasting precious time on elaborate adjustments.

Efficiency & resource use

At a time when every resource, every budget item and every minute matters, efficient project time tracking is critical for your organisation. After all, time is money! And accurate tracking of labour and project time allows you to invoice accurately, which in turn improves cash flow and supports business growth. As small businesses often have limited resources, these need to be optimised and targeted in order to remain competitive. Project time tracking helps to minimise wasted resources by ensuring that every hour spent has a clear contribution to the project and is therefore recorded directly so that invoicing can be done smoothly at the end of the project. Advantage: You don't have to Invoicing No more waiting several weeks until all project participants have entered their times!

Project transparency

Do you have a small team and want to be able to continuously monitor the status of your projects and make adjustments as needed? Project time tracking software goes a long way towards improving transparency by providing insights into project progress and workload. This not only promotes internal communication, but also strengthens the trust of your customers. Because: clients appreciate it when they can track the progress of their projects and they know exactly what they are paying for.

So in a world where innovation and flexibility often set the tone for small businesses, project time tracking is much more than just a tool - it is the key to optimising and creating a successful future. Project time tracking software allows you to play to your strengths in efficiency and adaptability and succeed in a competitive market.

Project time recording with ZEP: The perfect choice for small companies!

And now: Let's get down to business! Are you asking yourself whether there is a project time recording solution that is suitable for small companies? The answer is "yes" - and it's called ZEP. Our Software for time recording has a flexible and modular structure and adapts perfectly to the needs of small companies.

Small companies also benefit from ZEP. The software adapts flexibly to your working rhythm and supports you in the efficient management of your projects and resources. With the module Resource planning you can keep an eye on the progress of the project and optimise the use of your limited resources. Do you often work with freelancers? The module Freelancers facilitates collaboration and enables recorded time to be paid out directly as a credit note. The management of holiday and absence times is also digitalised and uncomplicated with the Overtime, Absences & Holidays.

Why time recording software is worthwhile for small businesses! All the advantages at a glance

Time and attendance systems for small businesses should be user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective. With a digital time recording system, small businesses can both reduce their costs and comply with legal regulations.

In times of rising costs and increasing bureaucracy, it is crucial for small companies to organise their operating processes efficiently in order to minimise expenditure and operating costs and to be able to concentrate on their core tasks. There is great potential for savings in the area of Work time tracking. Companies that switch from manual methods such as paper, analogue time clocks or Excel spreadsheets to modern, integrated electronic time recording systems benefit from various advantages:

✅ Compliance with legal requirements

🔒 Guarantee of data security

⏳ Significant time savings in the recording, processing and documentation of employee data

📊 Possibility to combine all relevant employee data such as working hours, overtime, project times, holiday and absence times as well as duty rosters in one system

🌟 Increasing attractiveness as a modern employer

Working time recording for small businesses: Is there a legal obligation?

Although the German Working Hours Act has not yet been brought into line with the judgements of the European Court of Justice and the Federal Labour Court companies must already record the working hours of their employees, including SMEs and small businesses.

The current Draft law allows small businesses with up to ten employees freedom of choice. They do not have to Electronic time recording and can continue to use Paper timesheet use. In addition, different transition periods are provided for depending on the size of the company.


Small companies are characterised above all by agility and creativity. Efficient project time recording software is therefore indispensable. After all, it optimises work processes, controls costs and increases the quality of services. Such software must be user-friendly, flexible and efficient in order to meet the special requirements of small companies.

Solutions such as ZEP, which adapt seamlessly to the needs of small businesses, enable optimal use of resources, promote project transparency and minimise administrative work. This not only leads to precise invoicing and compliance with legal regulations, but also strengthens the company's position as an attractive and modern employer.


When is a company a small business?

A small business is a company that has up to ten full-time employees. This definition is based on the Dismissal Protection Act (KSchG), Section 23 (1). For companies founded before 2004, the limit of a maximum of five employees applies. A micro-enterprise is a company that also has an annual balance sheet total of less than 2 million euros.

How is time recording possible?

Time recording can be carried out in various ways, including

Manual recording: Traditional methods such as manual Time sheet or Excel tables.

Electronic systems: Digital time clocks or electronic Time recording terminals.

Cloud-based software: Online tools that enable flexible and Location-independent time recording enable.

Mobile applications: Time recording via app for smartphones and tablets, which are particularly suitable for employees in the field or working from home.

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