Project time recording searched for. ZEP Compact found.

ZEP Compact: The efficient solution for project-related time recording and evaluation that helps companies keep track of working hours and services in customer projects.

Management consultancies rely on time recording

Where manual time recording and the coordination of various client projects with Excel reach their limits, the hour of ZEP Compact beaten. The intelligent project time recording enables you to record working times on a project- and customer-specific basis, so that you always have an overview of all services and time expenditures. ZEP Compact is the efficient solution for simple project time recording and project evaluation.

Our persona Elke also enjoys these advantages for herself and her team. Elke is representative of all those who use ZEP Compact for simplified project time recording and the associated project controlling across various customer projects. The search for the right solution was not easy, but in the end it was worth it for Elke.

The search for the needle in the haystack

Elke manages a medium-sized IT service company with 24 employees. The company has offices in Berlin and Vienna, so customer projects have to be recorded and invoiced across countries. In recent years, Elke's company has grown so much that manual project- and order-oriented time recording with Excel has reached its limits. Errors crept in, the effort increased immeasurably and the scalability was not given. So Elke looked around for a suitable solution that would cover all her needs - from pure time recording when entering the office in the morning to cross-national team management and individual accounting for all client projects. And preferably without paperwork and as intuitively as possible.

After extensive research, Elke became aware of ZEP Compact. The software solution offers project-oriented companies - like Elke's IT service provider - a reliable complete solution for the areas of time recording, project management, project controlling and project accounting, among others. This was exactly what Elke was looking for. Through the 30 days trial version Elke was able to find out for herself and her team whether ZEP could be individually and flexibly adapted to their needs. Bull's eye! Through an intensive demo with the provantis support Elke was introduced to the programme, the most important functions were explained and all open questions were clarified. ZEP's range of functions covered the requirements best. The decision was therefore not difficult: From now on, Elke uses ZEP Compact - needle found in the haystack!

Putting it to the test - ZEP in day-to-day business

Operating the ZEP software application is not a major challenge for Elke's IT services company. The programme is intuitive and can be used equally by all employees via web browser or smartphone. This already starts in the morning, when the office employees via RFID chip at the ZEP terminal clock in. The colleagues in the field, on the other hand, start their time recording conveniently via app. ZEP enjoys a high level of acceptance among employees and is used intensively.

Project controlling is a great relief. Why? Through various evaluations and mechanisms for budget tracking, Elke always knows where the respective project stands and when a certain threshold value of a project has been reached. For example, if 75 percent of the agreed hours have already been reached on a project, Elke can take appropriate measures so that the project can still be completed profitably. ZEP adapts to Elke's daily business individually and also makes it easier to keep track of all client projects in Germany and Austria.

Elke is not only an enthusiastic ZEP user, but has also been using Personio for her personnel management for some time. Thanks to the flexible Personio interfaceElke can now cover its entire project business digitally and automate its personnel management in parallel. Because: Time recording can be done even more comprehensively with ZEP, and the connection to an HR system makes the central administration of employee data much easier. Elke was able to easily transfer the employee master data created in Personio to ZEP so that time bookings can be automatically transferred to Personio.

In addition, Elke has chosen the Overtime/vacation module in ZEP. This allows her to better manage and plan the absences of her employees and possible staff absences. With the detailed holiday and absence calendar, Elke always has an overview of her team's attendances and absences. The associated overtime account serves as an additional mechanism to keep an eye on the workload of her team and to grant appropriate time off in lieu if necessary.

The way was the goal

Now that Elke and her team have been using ZEP Compact for some time, the conclusion from all sides is positive: The tool is as individual as they want it to be, as flexible as they need it to be and does not require any annoying paperwork. ZEP is 100 per cent integrated in the daily work routine, so the tool is very popular with Elke's team and leads to a significantly higher accuracy in time recording. Elke is especially happy that precise and comprehensive project controlling is now finally possible with ZEP. And this is completely independent of the number, duration, scope and format of the individual projects.

Elke's IT company is still on a high growth course. And here, too, Elke knows: ZEP Compact can be individually adapted to her needs at any time and grow with her. 2 more licences next month? No problem! A call or an email to the Support and already her CEP is being adjusted. Even if Elke has another one in the future Add-on module she contacts the support team without any obligation and asks for advice on which module best meets her requirements.

Elke and her team agree: ZEP Compact is the central system in the company!

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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