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Green cloud - How sustainable is cloud-based project time recording?

How can cloud-based project time tracking help reduce your environmental impact while increasing your company's efficiency? Discover how ZEP supports you on your way to more sustainability!
Green cloud - How sustainable is cloud-based project time recording?

In an era where awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is constantly growing, your company's responsibility to adopt greener practices is also coming into focus. This responsibility also extends to your choice of business tools & software, e.g. cloud-based project time tracking. But: sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a profound paradigm shift that should revolutionise the way we think and act in the business world. Companies are increasingly realising that they are not considered solely for their financial performance, but equally for their impact on the environment and the business community. This shift is making sustainability strategies an integral part of all areas of business, including the selection of software solutions.

This blog post aims to discuss the sustainability of cloud-based project time tracking software solutions. We will look in detail at the benefits of modern time tracking tools and take a look at the potential ecological burdens that traditional time tracking systems bring with them. Finally, we will take a close look at why ZEP stands out as an example of sustainable software. So, here we go!

Cloud-based project time recording offers these advantages

Cloud-based project time tracking software solutions offer you the possibility to manage your working and project times as well as existing resources extremely efficiently. This not only leads to significant cost savings, but at the end of the day increases the productivity of your entire operation. But what are the advantages of Cloud-based project time recording in detail?

Now, cloud-based software allows your employees and managers alike to access project time tracking from virtually anywhere. This removes the tether to physical workstations and opens up the possibility for you to record working hours from home, on the road or in remote offices. What you need for this? A stable internet connection - via an app that automatically synchronises with the programme, time recording even works offline.

Another advantage is undoubtedly that you can track all project times in real time with cloud-based technology. This means that work and project times are recorded and updated instantly, keeping your managers and all project stakeholders permanently informed about the current project status. This real-time data allows you to plan and allocate resources more accurately, which in turn leads to better adherence to project schedules. The days of delays and overruns are gone with cloud-based project time tracking.

Administrative effort is also significantly reduced when you rely on cloud-based project time recording. Manual data entry and the time-consuming management of paper reports or spreadsheets are a thing of the past. This change not only saves you valuable time, but also minimises the risk of errors and inconsistencies in the recorded project times. Automating tasks that used to be done manually frees your staff to focus on more challenging and strategic tasks. The bottom line is more time for your services, your projects are completed faster and your clients are satisfied.

All these advantages together lead to a significant increase in the Overall efficiency and competitiveness of your company. Cloud-based project time recording not only optimises the use of resources, but also enables you to speed up your work processes and minimise sources of error. Now you ask yourself: What does all this have to do with more sustainability? For this, let's take a look at the tried and tested.

Environmental impact of traditional time recording systems

The environmental impact of traditional time recording systems is often underestimated, but can be significant! This is because: these systems are often based on physical devices or local servers, which leads to higher energy and unnecessary paper consumption. Local servers on which the data for time and attendance systems are stored contribute significantly to the environmental impact. These servers require continuous energy to function. They also need to be cooled to avoid overheating, which leads to additional energy demand.

The following example illustrates the point: 10 companies with 20 employees each operate an identical server. These servers run 24/7 and have a consumption of 5kWh each. If all companies used one central server, about 39,000 kilowatt hours could be saved in one year. Maintaining local servers also requires the use of resources such as electricity, cooling and specialised technical staff. These additional costs and use of resources contribute to environmental impact and are often at odds with many companies' efforts to be more sustainable.

So you see, the need for environmentally friendly alternatives is becoming more and more urgent, because: traditional project time tracking systems can have a significant environmental impact and negatively affect your company's carbon footprint. Cloud-based project time tracking can help you establish more sustainable processes.

Sustainability of cloud-based project time recording

Let's now look in more detail at how the sustainability of cloud-based project time tracking manifests itself and contributes to establishing greener business processes. An essential dimension of this sustainability strategy lies in the reduction of the need for physical resources, such as servers or paper, which leads to a lower environmental impact.

Cloud technology allows you to host your project time tracking software in state-of-the-art data centres designed for maximum energy efficiency. These data centres rely on smart technologies to optimise energy consumption. This includes efficient cooling systems that reduce the need for local air conditioning, as well as precise power management systems that minimise energy consumption when it's not needed. Compared to conventional servers, these sophisticated data centres contribute significantly less to CO2 emissions. As mentioned in the example above, this leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption, which in turn lowers your operating costs. This is a decisive step towards a more sustainable business world.

Another key aspect of the sustainability of cloud-based project time recording is its almost complete paperlessness. All data, be it the recording of project times, quotations or invoicing, is done electronically and stored in the cloud. This eliminates the need for paper-based systems, which not only waste resources but also require a considerable amount of space for archiving. The consequences of this paperlessness are far-reaching. For one thing, you drastically reduce your paper consumption, which helps to conserve valuable resources such as wood and water. On the other hand, your need for printers and cartridges is significantly reduced. Bear in mind that these devices are not only manufactured in an environmentally harmful way, but their disposal can also be problematic, as many inks and toner cartridges are difficult to degrade. In contrast, storing data electronically allows you to manage it more efficiently and access the project data you need more quickly. So not only are you doing something for the environment, but you are also increasing productivity and efficiency within your organisation!

Your desire for more sustainability has probably prompted you to read this blog. Not only do you want to simplify and speed up your processes, but you want to do it as green as possible. Challenge accepted! Not without reason are our company colours green and yellow. We will show you how cloud-based project time recording with ZEP supports your company sustainably!

Why ZEP makes your project time recording greener

A key feature of ZEP is its outstanding energy balance. Why? Our project time tracking software is hosted in state-of-the-art data centres that are specifically designed for maximum energy efficiency. This has a direct impact on reducing your carbon footprint compared to traditional systems, which are often run on decentralised local servers.

Cloud-based means for us: Farewell to paper-based project time recording. Manual recording is error-prone, time-consuming and unsustainable! In ZEP, you can record all relevant data - from the preparation of the offer to the entire project controlling to paperless invoicing - completely electronically and store it in the cloud. Of course, in compliance with all DSGVO regulations. Your data is safe with us! Our cloud-based tool reduces your paper consumption to an absolute minimum and thus saves valuable resources such as wood and water.

But: With ZEP you not only save haptic resources like paper, but also the resource time. How? Another way in which our cloud-based project time recording can contribute to more sustainability in your company is by supporting remote working. Our software enables you and your employees to record all project times from any location, which makes the Need for daily commute reduced and thus significantly reduces your company's CO2 emissions - not to mention that remote work saves a lot of time that you and your team can invest in the really important things: The services for your customers! Thanks to the cloud-based hosting of our software, you do not have to worry about annoying updates and maintenance work. Because: Every update is automatically played on your existing ZEP licence, without any manual installation effort on your part.

For us, social aspects also play an important role in sustainability. Because: Our own employees are employed in a fair company with appropriate pay, legally compliant working time regulations and employee protection. Companies that use our software support fair working conditions. Only in this way can our software continue to improve and remain as barrier-free as possible, i.e. we have made it our goal to design ZEP in such a way that it can be used by your employees - regardless of their individual needs and previous knowledge. In this way, you promote integration and an inclusive working environment in your company.

So you see, the Sustainability of cloud-based project time recording is a complex and multidimensional issue that takes various aspects into account. As a project manager, you are faced with the challenge of choosing project time tracking software that meets your sustainability requirements and principles. Choosing a cloud-based software like ZEP can help to save precious resources and improve your ecological footprint. At the same time, our software tool helps you ensure the long-term and sustainable profitability of your business. Don't you think? Test our tool - 30 days. Free of charge. Without obligation.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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