26 March 2018

ZEP Clock App: The "time clock to go" now also for iPhone and iPad

The ZEP Clock App is now also available for iPhone and iPad. The "time clock to go" is available for download in the Apple App Store. With the ZEP Clock App, it is possible to record working times at the touch of a button and transfer them to the ZEP Clock time recording solution. The data is stored in ZEP and can be evaluated there at any time.

"More and more frequently, we have been approached by interested parties and customers to make the ZEP Clock app available not only for Android, but also for iOS," explains Oliver Lieven, Managing Director of provantis IT Solutions, at the presentation of the new app. "We are pleased that we can now fulfil this wish."

As a useful addition to the cloud-based time recording solution ZEP, ZEP Clock is used for project-independent recording of working hours. It fulfils the requirements of the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG), which has been in force since 1 January 2015 and stipulates in § 17 the obligation to record time for marginally employed employees (mini-jobs). With the new app, time recording is now possible not only on Android-based devices, but also on devices with iOS operating systems (iPhone, iPad).

ZEP Clock: iPhone or iPad as a mobile time clock

With the ZEP Clock App for iOS, any iPhone or iPad can be converted into a mobile time clock. The time is logged for each "clocking in" process and transferred to ZEP. The recorded attendances are kept in ZEP and are available there for further evaluation / billing.

Important for the employer is the possibility to manage any number of ZEP Clock Apps via ZEP and to assign one or more employees to each ZEP Clock, for whom the attendance times are then recorded with the app. For security reasons, an individual PIN code can be set for each employee, which must be entered when clocking in or out.

Here you can find more information on ZEP Clock.