ZEP Compact - Entry into project time recording

You want to find out whether you are well on time with your projects? With ZEP Compact, you record your working times on a project- and customer-specific basis and keep track of all services and time expenditures.
Project Time Recording - Getting Started with ZEP Compact

You are probably familiar with this: As a medium-sized company with a certain amount of resources, it is sometimes difficult to organise all business processes as efficiently and to keep track of all projects as one would like. Especially detailed project time recording and complex project evaluation can be a big challenge in everyday business. Manual solutions for project management - such as Excel spreadsheets - or insufficiently functional software can be tedious and prone to errors and lead to important information being lost.ZEP Compact is our software solution specially developed for medium-sized companies to optimise project time recording and project evaluation. With ZEP Compact, you can record working times on a project- and customer-specific basis, monitor the progress of your projects and optimally plan and control resources.

Project time recording with ZEP Compact

Our Software solution for efficient project time recording is user-friendly and easy to use, without the need for extensive training or IT knowledge. With ZEP Compact, you have web-based software at your fingertips that can be used on any device with internet access. In your personalised ZEP access, you can create and manage projects. You can add employees and clients, maintain their master data and plan and manage all project details such as working hours, costs and project affiliations.

Are your employees working in the field or on site with your customers? No problem! With our mobile app, your team can conveniently record their working hours while on the road. The recorded data is automatically synchronised with ZEP, so you always have an overview of all your staff's working hours. ZEP Compact also offers a comprehensive project evaluation. You can quickly and easily check the progress of your projects, keep an eye on project controlling and optimise deployment planning per project and sub-project to maximise your profits.

Process optimisation with ZEP Compact

As a medium-sized company, you probably sometimes struggle with limited resources and a tight schedule. ZEP Compact helps you get started with efficient project time tracking so you can better manage these challenges and increase your productivity. With ZEP Compact, you already benefit from the following must-have functions of a project time recording in the basic version as standard:

 Recording at project and sub-project level
Only the projects and sub-projects to which one is assigned are displayed
Registration on different activities
Adjustable minute grid
Smart features - like insert breaks, calculate VMA & duplicate days

Do you need a wider range of functions? With our Additional modules you can expand ZEP Compact entirely according to your needs. If your project management needs to be fully covered, a seamless switch to ZEP Professional possible. You can, of course, take over your data when you upgrade. Our support will be happy to advise you on all the options.

ZEP Compact is suitable for these industries

ZEP Compact can be useful for many industries and business areas. In general, our software solution is suitable for any company that works on a project basis and needs effective resource planning and project time recording. Customers from the following industries have already successfully used ZEP Compact:

Advice & Service

Management consultancies, law firms, advertising agencies and other service companies use ZEP Compact to record their employees' working hours and manage projects more effectively.

Construction and craft sector

Engineers, architects and tradesmen use ZEP Compact to track and plan the working hours of their employees on various construction sites in order to optimise resources even more far-sightedly so that delays in customer projects are avoided as far as possible.

IT and software industry

Software development companies, web designers and IT service providers always have an eye on the progress of software and IT projects with ZEP Compact.


Educational institutions optimise the staff planning of their teams with the resource planning in ZEP Compact.

Would you like to add to the list of our diverse customers? With our 30 days trial version you can easily find out how ZEP Compact can also support you in your project business or which additional modules are suitable for your needs. Should you ever encounter insurmountable problems, our Colleagues of the ZEP Support We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance during our usual business hours.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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