Duty rota Excel template

With this rota template, you can plan your rota easily and free of charge using Excel. The duty rota template is a structured document in which the working hours and shifts of employees are listed for a specific period. Employees' working hours can be planned and documented in detail in the duty rota

Duty rota template ZEP

Use cases for the duty rota template

Plan working hours per employee and work area

Automatic calculation of target and actual times

Detailed overview of the planned working week


  • The employees entered in the document header automatically appear next to the individual days and at the bottom of the table
  • The work areas entered in the document header and the "Break" option can be selected via a drop-down menu for the individual working times
  • If an employee is entered as "absent", the row is coloured orange
  • The number of hours at the end of each row is automatically calculated from the number of completed working hours minus the number of breaks
  • The automatically calculated working times per employee and the total working time are displayed at the end of the table

Yes, duty scheduling in Excel is a good first step. Shifts and working hours of individual employees can be planned precisely for each day of the week. Built-in formulas also provide an evaluation of planned and actual hours. The Excel template can be extended as required.

Yes, that Resource planning module offers a user-friendly way of planning and documenting who works for which project, when and to what extent.

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Manage duty rosters easily with ZEP

As the number of employees and departments grows, the clear presentation of the duty rota becomes an ever greater challenge. With duty roster planning in ZEP, you always have an overview.