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ZEP's mobile working time recording allows you to digitalise processes and increase your efficiency. Stamping via app or terminal, recording, analysing and approving working times - with ZEP you can improve your work processes and therefore work even more productively.

30 days non-binding

ZEP application

Digital time clock

The ZEP Clock app works like a digital terminal and can be used anywhere.
The time is logged and transferred to ZEP Clock every time you clock in and out. Also with Terminal.

Time recording via app

By simply clocking in and out, your attendances and absences and those of your employees and colleagues are documented in accordance with the law.
The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.

Wide range of functions

The app offers an offline mode to record working times at any time. Individual PINs ensure secure clocking in/out when the app is used centrally, e.g. on a tablet, by several employees.

500,000 recorded working hours per week

Proven app for time recording

With our ZEP Clock app, you always have your time clock with you. Time recording via app enables your employees in the field, on site or working from home to reliably record every single minute worked. In this way, our customers record around half a million working hours every week.

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Mobile time recording for iOS and Android

Download the time clock app

Download our free app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can then conveniently record your working times while on the move. The time clock synchronises automatically with the ZEP version you have selected - mobile working time recording is that easy!

ZEP in the Google Play Store

ZEP in the App Store

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These functions await you:

Easy to operate

  • Centralised management and configuration of all ZEP Clock apps

  • Offline functionality to record working times at any time

  • Simple linking of the app with ZEP Clock via QR code

  • Security through individual PIN codes per employee for logging in and logging out

  • Administrator mode enables calls from employees, e-mail to employees and changing PIN codes

IMPORTANT: An active ZEP Clock licence is required to log in to the app. The app cannot be used without this licence. You can test ZEP Clock for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Find out more here.

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105 +
1500 +
Hours recorded per week
40 +

Selected functions of our working time recording software

Benefit from the advantages of a fully comprehensive time recording software & bring your team to peak performance! 

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ZEP Clock fulfils the requirements of the legislation on compulsory time recording as well as the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG), which has been in force since 1.1.2015 and stipulates in §17 the obligation to record time for marginally employed employees (mini-jobs).

With ZEP you can capture 
30 days non-binding


The ZEP Clock app offers legally compliant and mobile working time recording. The app is not location-bound and offers an offline function to record working times at any time.

Yes, ZEP Clock is available as a desktop application as well as for Android and iOS. You can find the latest version in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Yes, you can test ZEP for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Click here here for your free trial version.

Yes, you can record your working times quickly and easily via the app. The working times recorded there are automatically synchronised with the ZEP Clock desktop application.

Yes, any number of ZEP Clock apps can be connected to one account. A different number of employees can be assigned to each connected app so that you can use a tablet with the ZEP Clock app as a central time clock, for example.
An individual PIN code can be set for each employee - who clocks in centrally on a tablet in team mode with the ZEP Clock app - for security purposes. This prevents individual employees from clocking their team members in or out by mistake and effectively prevents working time fraud.