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Efficient project management: project team structure & software solutions

A well-structured project team and efficient project management are crucial for the success of a project. The right project team structure defines clear responsibilities and efficient cooperation.
Efficient project management

Project work can be a complex challenge, involving the coordination of a multitude of tasks, team members and resources. In order for projects to be completed successfully, a proper project team structure and effective project time tracking are crucial. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at these two aspects and explain their importance for your project success.

Precise team structure for your project success

The right structure of your project team is essential for the success of the project. Efficient cooperation and clear responsibilities in the team form a stable foundation so that your project actually achieves the desired success. After all, what good is a large team if everyone works on their own and no one works together? A well-structured team enables a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Everyone knows exactly which tasks are assigned to them and who is responsible for certain decisions. Advantage: Efficiency is promoted, duplication of work is avoided and tasks are completed on time.

Communication in the team is the be-all and end-all. It not only ensures a smooth flow of information, but also gives your team the security of knowing who all members need to turn to in order to solve problems and questions. This minimises misunderstandings, strengthens cooperation and allows decisions to be made more quickly. For successful project work, the right competencies of team members are essential for project success. The targeted selection of employees with project-relevant skills and experience contributes to being able to deliver solutions to your clients at a high level of quality. However, you should always have an ace up your sleeve, because as we all know, unexpected things happen quite often. The broader the skills and experience of your staff, the more flexibly you can react to unforeseen events in the project.

Accurate project time recording for successful project teams

In the world of project management, accurate project time recording plays a paramount role in the success of your projects. It makes it possible to accurately measure and document the effort invested in individual tasks and the project as a whole. Project time recording - most effective with modern software solutions such as ZEP - offers project managers and team members numerous advantages and supports them in effective project work.

A central element of project time recording is the exact Recording of working hours of your team members. By tracking the hours spent on each task, your project managers will be able to see the actual time spent on the project, and thus have a clearer picture of the project's progress. precise resource planning carry out. This enables a realistic assessment of the time required for similar projects in the future and facilitates the planning of resource allocation. Besides the Resource planning project time tracking also plays a crucial role in budget control. By recording working hours, your project managers can accurately track the financial expenditure of the project and ensure that the project stays within the given budget. Identifying potential cost overruns in a timely manner allows appropriate action to be taken to control the budget and bring the project to a successful financial close. A cloud-based tool like ZEP supports you in keeping an eye on budget and resources at all times.

Last but not least, precise project time recording also contributes to the transparency of the project. By providing a detailed breakdown of the working hours spent, project managers and team members can better understand the current status of the project and provide feedback to their clients at any time. This information can be used in reports and when communicating with stakeholders to convey the progress of the project, document the amount of work involved and clearly show the added value of the project.

Successful team completes success formula

Your project team is as colourful as the requirements of your projects? That's good! Because: In a successful project team, each member takes on a specific role that contributes to the successful implementation of the project. The clear definition and assignment of these roles is crucial for efficient cooperation and the optimal use of the individual skills and experience of each team member. Everyone knows what they are responsible for within the project. And how do team members record their project time? Each project team member has different obligations and rights when it comes to correctly recording project times. In our project-oriented software solution ZEP each team member can individually record their project times - from the user to the admin.


In ZEP, users have the possibility to enter times and receipts on a project-related basis and to make entries and corrections (within a previously defined framework). An evaluation of all self-recorded data is also possible for self-monitoring.

User with additional rights

Users with additional rights can view customer information in ZEP - in addition to the normal rights of a user. Further rights arise in connection with the Overtime, Absences & Holidays" add-on module. Here, users with additional rights can view the absence overview.

Project controller

Team members who work as project controllers in ZEP can see all projects without having to be assigned to them. They have the possibility to view most project evaluations incl. turnover, planned figures, budget & resource planning (without revenue evaluations). Project controllers are authorised to see all departments in ZEP and to take them into account in project evaluations. Viewing of all templates and quotations is also available, but without the possibility of editing. Exception: The project controller is also an offer editor. Starting from the projects, project controllers in ZEP have access to all prices and tickets, including planned figures. The document management function is also enabled, i.e. project documents can be viewed. Exception: employee and customer documents. In addition, project controllers can search for all projects and customers - but not employees - in ZEP.


What is the difference between controller and project controller in ZEP? The authorisations, of course. Because: The controller can create both employee and project evaluations, across all employees and projects. He has read permission for all projects, can adjust the format and create payment documentation. Controllers also have the option of viewing the cover sheets of clients and employees in the employee/client administration.


Now it gets really interesting! Admins can manage all basic data in ZEP, correct recorded times and receipts of all employees and create evaluations for all processes. In ZEP, administrators are responsible for central data entry as well as for project planning and customer/employee management. As an admin, you determine which team member is assigned to a project in ZEP and with which authorisations.

Software solutions optimise your project work

The right project team structure, sound project time recording and clearly defined roles and responsibilities are crucial for the success of your project. To achieve your project goals as efficiently as possible, you should rely on modern software solutions. Because: The use of project management software such as ZEP can optimally support your team in structuring and planning your projects. Project management tools offer functions for task management, resource planning and time recording, which are of great importance for effective project control. Tasks can be clearly assigned in ZEP, priorities set and progress tracked in real time. This allows you to identify bottlenecks at an early stage, make optimal use of resources and complete your projects on time and on budget.

Recording your project times is an essential factor that contributes to project success. By using time tracking tools like ZEP, your team members can accurately record and document their working hours. This enables an exact measurement of the time spent on individual tasks and project steps - also for better planning of future projects. With this information, your project managers can monitor progress, control budgets and optimally distribute the workload. Overall, software solutions contribute to efficient project work by facilitating structuring, time management and communication. Do you want to manage your projects effectively, plan resources optimally, measure progress and improve your team's collaboration? Our Support will be happy to advise youhow ZEP can support you in the successful implementation of your projects. And so that you don't miss any news on topics relating to time recording, you are welcome to subscribe here. sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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