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Inaccurate time recording - modern software solutions provide a remedy

Inaccurately recorded working hours can lead to unfair pay, compliance risks and inefficient workflows, so it pays to rely on modern software solutions - for accurate time recording, effective project management and improved transparency.

Inaccurate time recording - modern software solutions provide a remedy

Inaccurate time recording can lead to problems such as unfair pay and compliance risks, which is why modern software solutions such as ZEP are recommended to avoid these problems. The correct recording of working time is of great importance in Germany, both to protect workers' rights and to optimise operational processes. But what happens when working time is recorded inadequately or not at all? In this blog post, we will discuss the consequences of inaccurate working time recording in Germany and explain why it is worthwhile to rely on modern software solutions - such as ZEP.

Significance & risks of inaccurate time recording

When it comes to time recording, many people think back to the good old time clock from times gone by - and thus also to a rather annoying evil with increased time expenditure due to the maintenance of manual lists. At the latest with the Draft bill of the BMAS and the BAG ruling from September 2022 However, employees and employers should once again address the issue. Because: The effects of inaccurate or even missing time recording can be considerable and lead to negative consequences. For example, inaccurate time recording can lead to unfair pay and loss of wages as workers work unpaid overtime or are not fully compensated for the time they have actually worked. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction among your employees and can significantly affect trust between employer and employee. In addition, inaccurate time recording makes it difficult for you to plan resources for upcoming projects. It becomes difficult to determine the actual amount of work, so (staff) bottlenecks occur more frequently and important deadlines cannot be met.

Another problem is compliance risks. As an employer, since the "Time clock" ruling of the BAG The employer is obliged to keep accurate records of the working hours of their employees - for companies with 10 or more employees, this is required by law. Draft bill of the BMAS in electronic form. Anyone who violates these requirements must, among other things, be fined. Fine of up to EUR 30,000 calculate. In addition to the legal component, inaccurate time recording can lead to low productivity and decreasing efficiency in your company. Accurate time tracking, on the other hand, allows you to identify bottlenecks or inefficient workflows and take appropriate action before problems arise. Important: Accurate recording and billing of working hours is crucial for the profitability and financial stability of your business to prevent a possible loss of revenue due to unrecorded billable hours!

How can you counteract this? It's simple: rely on modern software solutions. These support you in improving the accuracy and transparency of your working time recording.

Tip 💡

Even if it seems annoying, inform your employees about the importance and necessity of accurate time recording. Communicate transparently from the beginning that time recording is not a control instrument on the part of the employer, but - especially in terms of occupational safety - makes a valuable contribution to the daily workflow.

Effective time recording with ZEP - advantages of modern software solutions

In today's business world - and due to new legal regulations - are Precise and efficient time management tools of crucial importance, especially when it comes to recording daily working time. In your company, this was previously done manually or in countless Excel lists? Then you have surely also noticed that these methods are often error-prone, time-consuming and intransparent. How would it be if you could do all your time recording and, if necessary, also your project management with just one tool? Our Software solution ZEP supports you in effectively managing your projects, recording working times (project-related) and updating these times in real time. This reduces human error and minimises ambiguity when assigning working times to specific projects. Accurate recording of project times enables your company to make accurate cost calculations, monitor project profitability and make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Cloud-based software solutions support you in automating the time recording process as much as possible, so that it soon becomes part of your daily work routine. With ZEP, for example, your team can record their times conveniently via the web, app or at the ZEP terminal. The data recorded there is automatically transferred or synchronised in the software - without any annoying paperwork. The result: increased efficiency! You can use your resources better and concentrate on more important tasks. In addition, ZEP offers you a high degree of transparency and complete documentation of all (project-related) working hours - to the advantage of your employees, but also for billing your customers.

With our software solution, you not only have a digital time clock at your fingertips, but always get detailed insights into working hours, costs and resource utilisation. This data allows you to evaluate the profitability of projects, identify bottlenecks and increase the productivity of your team. Already working with an existing IT infrastructure? No problem! ZEP can be seamlessly integrated with other tools and systems - such as SOAP, HubSpot, Personio etc. - which enables smooth data exchange and facilitates project management and planning.

Say goodbye to manual timesheets and time-consuming spreadsheets for your (project) time tracking. Start improving the efficiency of your business today. You can use ZEP entirely simply test for 30 days without obligation. And if you are ever at a loss, we will answer your questions. our support team gladly answer all your questions.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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