Project time tracking

Precise project time recording: a successful concept for every industry

Accurate work and project time tracking are critical for any industry. Discover how ZEP can provide you with tailored solutions to maximise efficiency and success in your business.
Precise project time recording for every industry

In a world characterised by constant change and competition, companies from various industries are faced with the challenge of increasing their efficiency and productivity. A crucial component of this is the accurate recording of working and project times. Today we would like to give you a deep insight into the advantages of time recording for some industries and explain why ZEP is the right partner as a software for project time recording. Let's go!

Management consultants: Efficient consulting through accurate project time recording

In the modern business world, you as business consultants are the navigators who guide organisations on their path to success. You are the trusted people who help define goals, overcome obstacles and make strategic decisions. But consultancy work is complex and requires careful planning and the ability to use resources optimally. In this context, precise project time recording plays a central role, and not without reason. In order for you to be successful as a management consultant, you should Accurately record working hours and project times. Precise documentation is particularly necessary in the following areas:

Billing of counselling hours

Management consultants often use different billing models - hourly or flat rate - depending on the project. Accurate recording of working and project times enables you to bill your clients fairly, based on the work you have actually done. This way, the client always knows what he is paying for.

Resource management

The systematic recording of working and project times enables you as a management consultant to manage your resources more efficiently. You can track exactly how much time flows into different projects and allocate resources accordingly. In this way, you ensure optimal utilisation of your team without anyone being under- or overworked.

Performance analysis

With the help of the evaluation of recorded working and project times, you as a management consultant can analyse your own efficiency and productivity. These insights are crucial for identifying and implementing improvements in your own working methods. Ultimately, this benefits not only you, but also your clients, who profit from an optimised working method of your consultants.

IT service provider: from budget control to project transparency

In today's business environment, which is characterised by rapid technological progress and digital transformation, we are taking on the challenge of You as an IT service provider play a key role in delivering customised technology solutions. They are the architects of digital innovation and the guardians of corporate IT, helping to increase efficiency, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. In this highly specialised industry, precision and effectiveness are essential, aren't they? You know how it is: IT projects are often characterised by complex requirements and limited budgets. It is precisely in this area of tension that you as an IT service provider must operate and at the same time ensure that your solutions meet the highest quality standards. This is exactly where project time recording comes into play, and it is not just a "nice-to-have", but an absolute necessity.

Budget control

You know the drill: IT projects are often characterised by limited budgets. Accurate recording of your project times is therefore essential and enables you to ensure that you stay within the financial framework agreed with the client. In order for you to achieve this goal, it makes sense to plan in all resources before the start of the project so that you can react to changes early on in case of doubt.

Resource management

With accurate time data, you as an IT service provider can ensure that your employees are optimally utilised. By efficiently assigning tasks within projects, you avoid on the one hand that team members are overloaded while others are "twiddling their thumbs". On the other hand, you probably know best yourself: IT problems cannot be planned! Often, major difficulties occur at night. And here, too, resources must be available and surcharges calculated or invoiced accordingly. Nevertheless, precise staff scheduling not only increases productivity, but also the satisfaction of your employees.

Customer communication

Transparent time reports are a key tool for effective client communication. It allows you to communicate the current project status to your clients in a clear and understandable way. This transparency strengthens your clients' trust and promotes smooth cooperation. Because: If you record your times accurately, you avoid budget discussions with the client in the end!

Agencies: Effective resource management and customer retention

Agencies working in advertising, marketing and communications are the creative minds behind successful brand campaigns, messages and advertising strategies. They are the designers of our digital and physical environment. Their work significantly influences how we perceive the world around us. But the agency world is not a simple world. It is characterised by constant change, high competitive pressure and the need to drive innovation. In the midst of these challenges, the precise recording of working and project times is not just a tool, but a crucial success factor. Where Merging creativity and efficiencyYou should focus on the following areas in project time recording:

Resource optimisation

You know best that in the agency industry it is of utmost importance to ensure that your employees are optimally utilised. A Precise resource allocation allows you not only to maximise your profitability, but also to ensure that there is no over- or under-utilisation of staff. Logical consequence: your employees are more satisfied and at the same time more productive.


Your clients expect clear insights into the services provided? Transparent time reports are a powerful tool to demonstrate the value of the services provided to your clients. They create trust and contribute to long-term customer loyalty. Because: With precise project time recording, your customers know exactly where the invested budget goes in.

Project diversity

Do you often work on a large number of projects at the same time? Different requirements and time-delayed deadlines make precise recording of project and working time indispensable. Because: As an agency, you simply cannot afford to lose track of everything. To ensure that your projects are completed on time and in the highest quality, you should pay meticulous attention to recording your project times.

Engineers: Precise time data for complex projects

As engineers, you are the visionary creators of our modern world. As pioneers of our built environment and technological innovations, you have a significant impact on our daily lives. You are the experts who span bridges over deep canyons, design energy systems to light up cities, and implement complex technical projects that move our society forward. But in the world of engineering, where precision and efficiency are paramount, accurate tracking of work and project time is more than just a tool - it is an indispensable element that makes the difference between success and failure. In an era where innovative technologies and breakthrough ideas are constantly advancing, you as engineers are faced with a multitude of challenging tasks. You not only have to develop visionary concepts, but also turn them into reality. In doing so, you need to meet schedules, use resources effectively and ensure that every detail is implemented accurately. This is where accurate time tracking comes into play and is invaluable:

Project documentation

In engineering projects, especially in industries such as construction or electrical engineering, accurate documentation is crucial. Recording working and project times allows you, as engineers, to keep a complete and reliable record of your projects. This not only makes it easier to comply with regulatory requirements, but also to track progress and overcome challenges, both small and large.

Cost control

As an engineering company, you need to carefully monitor the costs of your projects to ensure that they are economically viable. Accurate recording of working and project times is key here, as it allows you to convert the working time spent into direct costs and thus ensure that projects stay within the planned budget. This in turn is crucial to ensure the profitability of your projects.

Project planning

Time is money! And as engineers, you need to create realistic schedules to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. Time tracking provides you with a valuable basis for creating these plans. By analysing time data, you can better estimate how much time is needed for different tasks and what resources you need to have available for this.

Lawyers & tax advisors: legally compliant billing and client management

In the world of law and finance, as lawyers and tax advisors, you are the key people who maintain order and justice and put financial matters in order. You help keep businesses and individuals on the right course. But in this complex and highly regulated world, where compliance with laws and regulations is paramount, accurate timekeeping plays a key role. Why? The professional fields of law and taxation are characterised by a plethora of laws, regulations and complex financial transactions. In this demanding environment, it is therefore crucial to accurately document work and project times to ensure compliance, control costs and optimise client management.

Legally compliant accounting

The correct billing of clients is often based on recorded working hours. As lawyers and tax advisors, you must therefore ensure that you bill all services rendered in a lawful and transparent manner in order to maintain the integrity of your practice and comply with all legal requirements. This is where the BAG ruling from September 2022 because according to this you have to record all working hours (electronically) anyway, which in turn enables you to precisely state and account for all services rendered to your clients.

Client management

Time recording plays a central role in the management of client relationships. It enables you to accurately allocate the services rendered to the respective clients and improve communication. This contributes to client satisfaction and promotes long-term client loyalty.

Efficiency increase

By analysing the recorded working and project times in detail, you as lawyers and tax advisors can optimise your own working methods. How? You can identify how to use your time more effectively in order to serve more clients. At the same time, this enables you to maintain the quality of your services at a consistently high level or even increase it.

ZEP: The universal software for project time recording

In today's fast-moving business world, which is characterised by a multitude of industries, your company and your professionals are certainly also faced with the challenge of making work processes efficient and transparent. Regardless of the industry you are in, be it management consultancy, IT services, engineering, agencies or law firms and tax consultancy, there is one common denominator: necessity, Precisely record working hours and project times and effective project management. This is where ZEP enters the stage as a universal software for project time recording that has proven itself across all sectors - for more than 20 years. But: Why is ZEP the best choice for your industry-specific requirements?


ZEP is much more than just time tracking software - it is a highly customisable tool that can be seamlessly adapted to the specific needs of your business or professional group. Whether you bill for services on an hourly basis, manage complex projects or support clients in legal matters - you can tailor ZEP to your exact needs thanks to the wide range of add-on modules. From the Quotation preparation up to the detailed Invoicing use our software for project time recording as you need it. Advantage: Unlike many other tools, with ZEP you only pay for the modules you actually need.


In any industry, it is crucial to always be as flexible as possible. You can customise ZEP as you need it and also only pay for the modules you book for your day-to-day business. With our project time tracking software, you enjoy full flexibility - with no minimum rental period and a monthly cancellation option. You need a further add-on module from our portfolio or no longer have a need for a previously used module? No problem! You can also unsubscribe and add additional modules on a monthly basis.

Customer communication

Do your customers want to know from A to Z who in your company has spent how much time on which project? With the precise recording of all working and project times, there is no need to discuss budget overruns with your customers. Our software for project time recording thus effectively contributes to strengthening your customers' trust in your work. Another advantage for you: You can inform your clients about the current project status at any time and thus ensure and argue the value of your service. If your clients know what they are investing in, this creates trust - also for future projects.


At the latest with the BAG ruling from September 2022 one thing is certain: time recording is mandatory! This obligation suits you to the extent that - with a software solution for project time recording like ZEP - you can say goodbye to manual and error-prone timesheets in the form of Excel tables once and for all. With our Module Presence record your times digitally via web, app or terminal and thus kill two birds with one stone: Since you have to record your times anyway, this makes it even easier for you to accurately bill your working hours. ZEP offers you powerful billing functions that support you in carrying out legally compliant billing and keeping your customers satisfied. A win-win situation for all involved.

So you see, ZEP is a universally applicable Software solution for project time recordingthat has proven itself in every industry. For over 20 years, more than 1,600 companies have relied on our expertise in working time and project time tracking. Regardless of your specialisation, our tool offers customisable features and reporting options to help you improve the way you work and increase the success of your business. Accurate time tracking and efficient project management are our strengths to support your industry to achieve your goals! You already use ZEP and would like to test one of our additional modules? No problem! Contact our support without obligation to your request. You are a complete ZEP novice and want to get an idea of our software yourself? Here you can try ZEP mind. 30 days free of charge and without obligation test. In our informative webinars you will then learn everything you need to know about setting, using and optimising.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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