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Smooth time recording & project management - you ask, we answer

How can you keep track of everything in the ZEP world? With practical answers to your questions, you are well equipped for effortless time recording and optimised project management with ZEP.
Smooth time recording & project management

The world of time recording and project management can sometimes present even the most experienced ZEP users with a bit of a brain teaser. Our handy work and project time tracking tool, which usually works like a well-oiled machine, can occasionally be very complex. But don't worry - in today's post, we've taken a closer look at your most common ZEP challenges and come up with sound solutions for you. From forgotten punches to correct project assignment - we have an answer ready for every tricky question. Because: We know that your everyday work is already complex enough.

Your most frequently asked questions about time recording

Our little guide takes you through a number of ZEP issues that may have been on your mind. Among other things, you will learn how to set up automatic clocking out for your employees to ensure that times are always recorded correctly. Projects without bookable times? Our solution shows you how to add tasks to projects and assign employees correctly. And even if you need to change a break rule - we'll guide you through the process step by step. No matter, Whether you are a ZEP newcomer or are an experienced user. So why puzzle any longer? Dive with us into the world of ZEP challenges and find the answers that will make your work easier.

Employees forget to clock in and out. What can I do?

Don't panic! In ZEP Clock - or with the Module Presence in our other ZEP programmes Compact & Professional - simply create a task to automatically clock out your employees. This way you can ensure that the times are always correct and you don't have to worry about forgotten clock-ins.

Where can I see how my employees have logged in?

Do you sometimes not know how your employees clocked in? No problem! The "Comes/Goes evaluation" shows you exactly whether your team members have signed in via the browser, the app or the terminal have logged in. This function is also available in ZEP Clock or with the Module Presence available in Compact and Professional.

I am starting ZEP for the first time, but my employees have already taken leave. Can I enter this?

Yes, with our Overtime, Absences & Holidays Module you can also enter all absences or overtime taken retrospectively. This gives you a clear overview and your employees are even shown the remaining days of leave in ZEP.

I can't find my seasonal worker from last year in ZEP. Why?

You had employed seasonal workers in the past but cannot create them again because the system says that this employee already exists? There is a simple solution for this as well: During employee evaluation, set the employment period far enough into the past. This way, the employee reappears. Now you can simply create a new employment period for your employee in his or her file.

I have created a project, but no one can book times on it. What is the problem?

Your projects are ready, but no one can book their times? Here is the solution: Make sure that each project has a task to which project times can be booked. In addition, the project duration and status must be set up. Last but not least, simply assign the role of project employee to the relevant employees and everyone can correctly record their project times.

How can I change the break rule from 45 to 30 minutes?

Flexibility is the key here! If you want to change the duration of the break regulation, simply create a new validity period or assign a new regular working time to the employee concerned.

How can I cancel an invoice?

It may happen that an invoice has to be cancelled. Provided that you ZEP Professional with the Invoicing module Simply go to the invoice area and select the action "Cancel". It's that simple!

My employee starts in mid-January and is only supposed to have 29 days of holiday. Where can I set this?

With the Overtime, Absences & Holidays Module you can easily solve this problem: Use the scissors symbol to divide the employment period into the remaining year and the following year. In the remaining year you can now easily enter the holiday entitlement for the selected period.

I pay my employees their overtime. How do I enter this in ZEP?

When it comes time to pay out overtime, use the Overtime, Absences & Holidays Module simply use the function "Compensation Overtime, Holidays: Compensated Overtime" in ZEP to be able to record and enter everything properly.

Where can I set that freelancers are not informed if they forget to book their times?

Provided you use ZEP Compact or Professional with the Module Freelancers we also have the right solution for this problem: Create employee categories and assign certain employees to them. In the "Employee information" task, you can then set that employees with the corresponding category are not notified if they have not recorded their time.

How can I be informed if the target figures have been exceeded?

The solution to this problem requires a licence for ZEP Compact or Professional with the Module Planned Hours ahead: Easily set up a planned hours notice in the project. With the task "Project status planned/total status planned" you can then be conveniently notified by e-mail when a certain number of planned hours has been exceeded.

Successful time recording - it can only be done together

At the end of our journey through the world of ZEP challenges, there is only one thing left to say: You are now well equipped to master any challenge in time recording. And remember: even the brightest minds are faced with little puzzles every now and then. Time and attendance management is an important part of running a successful business. Thanks to the insights gained from this guide, you as ZEP officer now ensurethat your employees are correctly clocked in, projects run smoothly and invoices are error-free. Be aware of one thing: ZEP can make your work easier in many aspects and optimise your project management. Project work is teamwork. And we see ourselves as your competent partner when it comes to providing the right software.

If you have any further questions or would like to deepen your ZEP knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact us as well. register for one of our webinars or directly to contact our support.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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