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Time tracking meets recruiting - Our Personio interface

The cooperation between provantis and Personio enables companies to efficiently combine personnel management and project time recording and thus save time and money.

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Three years have gone by: Three years in which our cooperation with Personio, the provider of all-in-one HR solutions, has already been very successful. Time for a little review of this valuable cooperation.

Opposites attract, as is well known

On the one hand, we have a young start-up based in Munich that aims to digitalise HR management in companies. With its holistic HR software, the team is striving towards European market leadership for small and medium-sized enterprises. We are talking about: Personio!

At the same time, there is us, provantis IT Solutions GmbH - the "old hand" in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, who has been offering efficient, modular & smart time recording solutions for SMEs for over 20 years - from pure working time recording to the complete digitalisation of project business.

It's all in the mix - the recipe for successful cooperation

What makes the relationship between provantis and Personio so special? Certainly not just the identical initial letters. After the first customer enquiries about a Personio connection in ZEP, an interface was worked on in detail from 2018 onwards, designed by the ZEP team and initially implemented. Always with the goal: open communication in partnership to make the interface better and better and the two tools more effectively usable for you as a customer.

For example, it is crucial for the efficiency of the HR department to have all employee data in one place - this includes the recording of working hours. With ZEP, you can easily record both regular working time and time spent on projects - and stay on the safe side thanks to sophisticated functions such as reliable break regulation.

Working time recording is conveniently done via our mobile apps or the ZEP Terminal. Your data is automatically synchronised between these different media - also thanks to the integration with Personio.

Intersection found - use interface

And now we go into detail. After exploring the common intersection and developing the interface, we already offer the following functionalities to numerous customers and perhaps soon to you as well, together with Personio:

User provision

When you integrate Personio and ZEP, new employees can be automatically added to ZEP when they are hired in Personio. Simply choose whether you want to add all new employees or only selected groups - for a fast and efficient onboarding tailored to your needs. These groups can be, for example, your home office employees for whom time tracking in Personio is sufficient. On the other hand, your on-site employees have the option of clocking in at the ZEP terminal.

Life cycle of the employees

Employees in Personio can be automatically matched with the corresponding ZEP users. Whenever employee data changes in Personio, it can also be updated directly in ZEP - based on your predefined tagging. This ensures that your employee information is always up-to-date.

Deactivation of users

When an employee leaves the company, the corresponding ZEP user is automatically deactivated in Personio based on the leaving date.

Time management

Absence and attendance times, including sophisticated break regulations, are automatically synchronised between ZEP and Personio - regardless of whether they are recorded via the apps or the RFID terminals from ZEP. You decide which employee records their times and where.

Two birds with one stone

The biggest beneficiaries of this partnership are you as a customer. With the Personio interface, medium-sized companies can be offered a solution with which they can record their personnel management and project time recording in two synchronously running programmes. This saves time and ultimately money.

Oliver Lieven, Founder & Technical Director at provantis, explains: "We are delighted about the growing success of our colleagues at Personio, because it naturally also has a positive effect on our cooperation. Especially for the combination of the ZEP Terminal, the ZEP Clock App and the Personio interface we are seeing more and more interest." The solutions can be used via any web browser and both at the workplace and on the move.

With more than 22 years of experience, ZEP offers a wide range of functions and can also be modularly adapted to your needs. Would you also like to regularly transfer time bookings recorded in ZEP to Personio? Our team will answer any questions you may have about the interface Support team with pleasure.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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