Mastering the shortage of skilled workers with software solutions for project time recording

Software solutions for project time recording are becoming increasingly relevant for the working world in Germany. But: How can these solutions help companies to cope with the shortage of skilled workers, increase productivity and create efficient workflows?
Eliminate skills shortages with project time tracking software

The shortage of skilled workers has become one of the biggest challenges for companies in Germany. Particularly in technology-intensive industries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain qualified skilled workers. At the same time, modern working methods and project processes require efficient time management. Here come Software solutions for project time recording come into play. In the following article, we look at how these solutions can help companies to cope with the shortage of skilled workers.

Causes & effects of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany

Perhaps you have already noticed it in your company: The shortage of skilled workers has become a serious hurdle for companies in Germany. If you are based in one of the technology-intensive industries, such as IT, engineering or healthcare, you know how difficult it is to find (and keep) qualified staff. Several factors contribute to these challenges:

Demographic change

Germans are getting older and older, but not enough young people are joining them. Of course, this is also reflected in the world of work. The boomer generation will soon retire, leading to a shrinking labour pool. Fewer and fewer young people are available to the German labour market or they go abroad. The perspective has also changed. Whereas older generations identified themselves and their success more through their job, the current trend is more and more towards a focus on leisure and flexibility. Keyword 4-day week. Younger people no longer see any advantage in going to work full-time. Why? Because work is no longer as important in their lives as it was for previous generations.

Technological progress

The rapid development of new technologies requires highly qualified workers with specific know-how. There is an increasing demand for skilled workers nationwide in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity and digital transformation. The lack of qualified professionals in these areas can significantly affect the innovative strength and competitiveness of companies. True to the motto: If you don't keep up with the Time must go with the times go.

Global competition

Companies in Germany find themselves in global competition for talented professionals. Everyone wants to attract the best in their field to their company. Attractive offers from companies in other countries and the opportunity to work internationally (So-called workation), attract potential applicants. This increases the pressure on German companies to offer innovative incentives and attractive working conditions to attract and retain talented professionals in the long term.

The effects of the skills shortage are far-reaching. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies, which in turn leads to an overload of the existing team and thus a lack of resources. The result: loss of productivity, delay in projects and decrease in competitiveness. You ask yourself: How can I counteract this? Faced with these challenges, you should find creative solutions to address the skills shortage. Efficient use of available resources and improved productivity are crucial! This is where the hour of Software solutions for project time recordingthat can also help your company to manage working time effectively, optimise projects and use resources efficiently. But: How can software solutions for project time recording actively contribute to overcoming the shortage of skilled workers?

Overcoming the shortage of skilled workers with project time recording

Efficient project time tracking plays a crucial role in addressing the skills shortage. It enables your company to make optimal use of your resources, increase productivity and identify bottlenecks. The following aspects illustrate this:

Resource optimisation

By precisely recording working and project times, you can better assess the utilisation and availability of your workforce. This enables a Efficient distribution of resources on different projects and tasks. If you know how much time is needed for certain tasks, you can avoid bottlenecks and ensure that your employees are appropriately utilised. On the other hand, you can decide whether additional skilled workers need to be hired permanently or external resources need to be used to bridge the gap. This is how you ensure that your projects are completed on time and efficiently.

Productivity increase

The detailed recording of working and project times enables you to keep a close eye on the productivity of your employees and to optimise it. By analysing the recorded data, inefficient processes can be identified and improved. You recognise bottlenecks or bottlenecks that affect work performance much faster and can take targeted measures to increase productivity - before problems arise!

Transparency & Trust

A efficient project time recording creates transparency for both you and your workforce. Your employees can accurately record and track their hours worked, while you can keep a better eye on the progress of projects and tasks. This creates a relationship of trust between the company and its employees, as all parties have clear and transparent information about the workload.

Calculation & Accounting

Accurate project time recording is of great importance for the correct calculation of your project costs as well as the billing of your customers. Based on the recorded project times, you can create more accurate cost calculations and bill your clients precisely. This contributes to the financial stability of your company and ensures fair billing for services rendered. This way, your clients can be sure that you are not also billing for coffee breaks.

With all its advantages: Efficient project time recording alone does not completely solve the shortage of skilled workers, but it does play an important role in optimising available resources and increasing productivity. But: How are project times optimally recorded? Perhaps you still rely on manual processes in your company. Unfortunately, these are often error-prone and processing-intensive. The key: software solutions for project time recording!

Advantages of cloud-based software solutions for project time recording

In today's fast-paced business world, it is crucial for companies to use their resources efficiently and optimise their workflows. Software solutions for project time recording go far beyond traditional manual time tracking. By using these automated tools, you can increase your efficiency, improve the accuracy of time tracking and gain valuable insights into your resource utilisation. Cloud-based project time tracking software solutions - like ZEP - also help you improve your processes and work more productively. Benefit from the following advantages:

Automated time recording

ZEP offers you as a software solution for project time recording a Automated recording of working hours. Your employees have the choice: they can conveniently manage their working hours via web, app or record with the ZEP terminal. This saves time and reduces the administrative burden for employees and the company.

Accuracy & Reliability

Due to the automated recording of working times, ZEP as a software solution for project time recording ensures a higher accuracy and reliability of the recorded data - compared to the Manual data entry on paper or in spreadsheets. This minimises errors and inaccuracies in time recording and provides reliable data for analysis and reporting.

Integration with other tools

You already have an existing and well-functioning IT infrastructure that you want to change as little as possible when you introduce project time recording software? You can easily integrate ZEP into your IT. Thanks to the many Interfaces - e.g. to SOAP, Personio or HubSpot - you can simplify data exchange and create a seamless connection between different work processes.

Reporting & analysis functions

As a project time tracking software solution, ZEP enables powerful reporting and analysis functions so that you can create detailed reports on working hours, resource utilisation or project progress. This information lays the foundation for informed decision-making, better planning and targeted optimisation of your workflows.

Flexibility & Scalability

Manual solutions for project time recording reach their limits at the latest when it comes to flexibility and scalability. In order to meet the different requirements of companies, ZEP as a software for project time recording offers the possibility of using different Additional modules to be booked. You decide which functions you need for your requirements and only pay for these. Your company is growing? ZEP grows with you! From Quotation preparation via Resource planning up to the Absenteeism management cover all your needs with ZEP as a software solution for project time recording and thus remain as flexible as possible.

Mobile recording options

Do you have many employees who want or need to record their project times while on the road? With the right software for project time recording, this is also possible. With the ZEP App your employees have the possibility to record their working hours directly at the customer's site. In addition, they can Receipts directly in the app uploaded to specific projects. Process optimisation at its best, so to speak. Your employees save time, your accounting department saves effort and you are happy to have simplified another work step.

In addition to these benefits, software solutions for project time recording also contribute to increasing employee satisfaction. By recording working hours transparently and fairly, you create a trusting working environment and enable a better work-life balance by being able to introduce flexible working time models and support your employees in managing their own working hours. You see: By implementing ZEP as a software solution for project time recording, you benefit from all the advantages mentioned above. Efficient time recording effectively contributes to optimising the use of resources, increasing productivity and addressing the skills shortage. However, it is important to carefully select and implement the software solution according to your requirements and goals, while remaining maximally flexible. With the 30 days trial version you can put ZEP through its paces.

Tackling the Skills Shortage - A Conclusion

The shortage of skilled workers poses major challenges for companies in Germany. Demographic change, increasing international competition for qualified workers and technological progress are just some of the reasons for this situation. In order to remain successful, companies must find innovative solutions to deal with the shortage of skilled workers. In this context, software solutions for project time recording prove to be an extremely valuable tool. Solutions such as ZEP enable precise, efficient and automated recording of working and project times. Compared to traditional manual time recording solutions, they reduce the possibility of human error and inaccuracy, improve the reliability of the recorded data and support more accurate planning and budgeting of your projects. In addition, software solutions like ZEP enable you to increase the efficiency of your workflows. By automating time recording and integrating it into your existing IT infrastructure, ZEP allows you to better coordinate your projects, fully utilise resources and optimise your overall project management.

The successful integration of project time tracking software requires careful planning and implementation. Clear communication with your staff is essential to ensure that everyone understands the benefits and added value of the software. For a better understanding, we offer our informative webinars, to which you can sign up for register here can. This allows your employees to use our ZEP products effectively without any frustrations in terms of usability. However, should problems arise after a webinar, you can contact Our support team will be happy to advise you.

In addition to the immediate benefits for your work processes, project time recording software solutions also help to cope with the shortage of skilled workers. By using modern technologies and creating an efficient working environment, your company signals that you are facing the challenges of the modern working world and offer attractive working conditions. This helps you attract qualified professionals and also retain them in the long term.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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