Comparison: ZEP vs TimePunch

TimePunch offers a wide range of functions for working time recording, including desktop and mobile applications as well as the option of a terminal. In comparison, ZEP Clock scores with its user-friendly interface and cost-effective terminal option for automatic working time analyses.
Which solution offers you the best combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness?

ZEP Clock vs TimePunch

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ZEP Clock offers a user-friendly software solution for recording working times and managing breaks and holidays. Thanks to its customisable design, it can be seamlessly integrated into the corporate identity. This solution is particularly suitable for companies that require a flexible and modular time recording solution.

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TimePunch is a tool for recording working and project times that is aimed at both small and large companies with its scalable price. With TimePunch you can record your working hours, manage absences and create reports and payroll accounting.

= Function is included
= Function can be added
ZEP TimePunch
Personal customer support by telephone
30-day free trial version
Maximum number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Price 1,50€/user Basic fee of €15.99 per month
per admin 6€, per employee 1,4€
Work time tracking
Staff management
Holiday management
Configurable break regulations
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI
Single sign-on  
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms
Modular expansion of functions possible

Software comparison: ZEP vs TimePunch

Time recording, break times

Both ZEP Clock and TimePunch offer an easy way to record working times. This is possible both on the desktop and via mobile applications possible. Both products also offer the option of recording working hours using a terminal. With a one-off fee of at least €870 and a monthly fee of €70.50, TimePunch's time recording terminal is significantly more expensive than ZEP Clock. Here the Terminal for time recording can be added for a small rental fee of €15. While the recorded times have to be analysed in TimePunch, working time analyses can be created automatically in ZEP Clock. Break times can be recorded in both Software for working time recording can be configured.

Holiday management

Both tools offer functions for Holiday management. Time recording with TimePunch and ZEP Clock both offer the option of submitting holiday requests with approval procedures. In addition, employees' holidays and attendance can be viewed in the calendar.

Customisable design

With its customisable design, ZEP Clock offers the option of using the company's own colours and logos in order to emphasise the corporate identity in time recording as well. In contrast, TimePunch only offers the option of using the customer logo for report templates. The report templates must be created manually in the TimePunch time recording software.

Target group

Both TimePunch and ZEP Clock are aimed at companies looking for a simple solution for time recording. Both tools can be used in different industries and companies, as they can map all company structures.


ZEP Clock is very user-friendly thanks to its minimalist and easy-to-understand user interface. With TimePunch, administrators in particular will have to plan more time due to the many possible functions.


To summarise, the choice between ZEP Clock and TimePunch depends on the specific requirements of the company. Both offer all the essential features for working time recording. Thanks to the modular structure, all necessary modules can be added, allowing the products to be perfectly customised to requirements.

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