Comparison: ZEP vs Toggl Track

Optimise your time management: Toggl Track provides automated insights into effort and profitability, while ZEP Compact offers flexible functions for work and project time recording, such as expense management or a dedicated ticket system.
Which tool best suits your way of working?

ZEP Compact vs Toggl Track

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ZEP Compact offers a project and customer-specific solution for time recording with a wide range of functions. The software combines project, employee and customer management, ensuring efficient work. This is supplemented by automated analyses that provide a continuous overview of all areas.

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Toggl Track is a time tracking software that automatically generates data to continuously inform users about how much time was spent on a job and whether it was completed profitably. The software offers various ways to efficiently integrate time tracking into everyday life, e.g. through tracking reminders.

= Function is included
= Function can be added
ZEP Toggl Track
Personal customer support by telephone  
30-day free trial version
Maximum number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of projects Unlimited Unlimited
Price 8€/user Starter 10€/user
Premium 20€/user
Work time tracking
Staff management
Project time tracking
Customer management
Holiday management  
Travel expense report  
Customised cost accounting
Resource planning  
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI  
Single sign-on (Premium only)
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms monthly or annually (depending on subscription)
Modular expansion of functions possible  

Software comparison: ZEP vs Toggl Track

Add-on functions

Toggl Track offers four subscription models that differ in terms of functionality and price. ZEP Compact also enables modular expansion of the software to include various FunctionsThis allows users to individually add the modules that are relevant to their use case without having to pay for functions they do not need. This allows the software to be customised according to the customer's needs. This variety of customisation options is not possible with Toggl Track's rigid subscription model.

Time recording, project time recording

Time recording, including the tracking of working times on projects, is the central function of both ZEP Compact and Toggl Track. Both systems therefore offer intuitive time recording options for different activities and projects. Compared to Toggl Track, ZEP Compact also records the Pure working timewhich refer to the Attendance of employees by clocking in and out. For this purpose Terminals for time recording which can be used on site for time booking. ZEP Compact ensures compliance with statutory working time and break regulations. In contrast to Toggl Track, the break times and individual working times per employee are highly configurable. As Toggl Track does not support the recording of working hours, it is not possible to track overtime per employee.

Holiday management

Toggl Track does not offer the option of holiday management. In comparison, ZEP Compact offers extensive functions for this, such as the creation and approval of holiday requests, in order to provide a team-wide overview of Absences to ensure that

Functional champion

In addition to time recording, ZEP Compact includes a range of additional functions that can be added as required. These include, among other things Resource planningwhich Travel expense report and the Document management within the tool. These integrations make it possible to bundle numerous tasks in a centralised environment. In comparison, Toggl Track is less flexible in terms of functionality.

Departments, branches, locations

Complex company structures can be flexibly expanded within ZEP Compact. While Toggl Track makes it possible to differentiate between team leaders, project managers and employees, other organisational structures can also be added here. Locationsparent company or subsidiaries.

Target group

Toggl Track is primarily aimed at freelancers and smaller companies that want to give their employees a high degree of independence and freedom in time recording. In contrast, ZEP Compact also offers larger companies the opportunity to record their complex structures and larger numbers of employees in a standardised way. ZEP Compact can therefore fulfil the requirements of a wide range of Industries and company sizes.


While Toggl Track offers e-mail and chat support, ZEP Compact users can also access Personal help by telephone. This ensures reliable, fast and targeted problem solving.


In addition to the desktop version, both ZEP Compact and Toggl Track offer a Smartphone app on all common operating systems, which guarantees flexible use. Toggl Track only supports the English language, not German.


The choice between ZEP Compact and Toggl Track must be made according to your own individual requirements. Toggl Track focusses on the flexible use of the tool and on time recording, primarily for projects and various activities. ZEP Compact is also a more cost-effective alternative that can also be used for time recording and employee management and also offers module-based extensions. This means that even more complex company structures can be mapped.

or overtime are recognised. Also Freelancers can be flexibly integrated with project-specific hourly and daily rates. ZEP Compact is a long-term time recording tool, as it can be customised according to the development of your own company and offers an ideal solution for both small companies and large corporations.

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