Comparison: ZEP vs awork

awork offers all the standard functions required for efficient project management. ZEP Professional goes beyond the basic functions of project management and offers additional functions such as quotation creation thanks to its modular structure.
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ZEP Professional vs awork

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ZEP Professional is a complete solution for the digitalisation of project management. The platform enables the recording of working times, the management of employee and customer data and efficient project organisation. Other functions include price and receipt management, travel expense accounting and the pre-planning of working hours.

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awork is a tool for planning team tasks and organising projects. The all-in-one solution combines the areas of project management, team planning and time recording in one central location. The central tool is the planner for project planning at company and team level.

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ZEP awork
Personal customer support by telephone
Free trial version 30 days 14 days
Maximum number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of projects Unlimited Unlimited
Price 20€/user 18€/user
Work time tracking
Staff management
Project time tracking
Customer management
Holiday management
Travel expense report
Customised cost accounting
Resource planning
Automated analyses and reports
Customisable with company logo and CI
Single sign-on
Smartphone App
Flexible contract terms
Modular expansion of functions possible

Software comparison: ZEP vs awork

Add-on functions

A special feature of ZEP Professional is the Modular structure. In contrast to awork, where all functions are summarised in one product, ZEP Professional allows you to select exactly the modules that meet your individual requirements. 

Time recording, project time recording

Both awork and ZEP Professional are suitable for recording working and project times. While awork only offers basic functions, ZEP Professional impresses with its wide range of functions. With the Work time tracking break regulations can be configured that comply with the relevant statutory regulations. ZEP Professional offers an all-in-one solution for analysing working times, generating proof and storing bonuses for irregular working hours.

Project management

The systems allow both the creation and management of projects. Projects can be created with the corresponding master data and the assigned tasks and sub-tasks. It is also possible to record work locations and activities for projects. Project managers and project employees can also be clearly assigned. Both systems offer comprehensive analyses for ongoing and completed projects.

Customer management

Like ZEP Professional, awork includes a customer management system. Master data, contact persons and persons responsible can be stored here.

Prices & Receipts

Hourly and daily rates can be stored in both awork and ZEP Professional. With ZEP Professional you can also Internal cost rates for the profitability calculation. In addition, income and sales analyses can be created automatically and receipts and external costs can also be mapped via the software. ZEP Professional also convinces with various conversion rates and foreign currencies, which enables international use without any problems. These functions are missing in awork. In addition, no surcharges for certain times, such as night work, can be mapped in awork.


The Quotation preparation and quotation management cannot be mapped in awork. With ZEP Professional, this feature includes a standardised process for creating quotation documents based on storable templates. This allows quotations to be sent directly to the customer in the simplest possible way. When a quotation is accepted, the corresponding project is even created directly in the software.


The Invoicing distinguishes ZEP Professional from awork. With awork, an invoice can only be created via an interface with other software. This is already integrated in ZEP Professional. It is possible to automatically create and send invoices to the relevant contact persons. In addition to the option of storing resubmissions for billable services and an approval process for sending invoices, ZEP Professional also offers the option of documenting and analysing incoming payments for accounting purposes.

Project planning

Resource planning is an essential part of project planning that can be carried out with both products. The utilisation can be checked in both graphical and tabular form and a comparison can be made between target and actual times. In addition, cross-customer and cross-project planning of employees is possible. However, detailed project planning is not possible with awork. Especially in the case of extensive projects with complex time dependencies, the planning of dependencies and the visualisation of critical paths, as in a classic project plan is not possible using conventional project management methods. This can be realised much better with ZEP Professional.

Travel expense report

With ZEP Professional you can Travel expenses can be billed easily. The product supports various tax rates and country-specific regulations and can process a variety of document types.

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Both products include a joint team calendar with Absences and public holidays. ZEP Professional also has a holiday approval process that ensures that holiday plans are coordinated during critical project phases, for example. It is also possible to define monthly closing dates up to which bookings are permitted. This allows clear analyses to be created.

Tickets, tasks & to-dos

For agile companies, the option of creating project tickets and subtasks, booking times to them and invoicing them is particularly interesting. The Ticket system of ZEP Professional is rounded off by optional customer access, clearly defined status transitions and configurable prioritisation.


ZEP Professional can also be used for the billing of freelancers quickly and easily. In addition to the credit notes for the projects, project-specific internal hourly and daily rates can also be stored. This is a significant simplification in the processing of projects. Such a solution is not part of awork.

Departments, Branches, Locations

The ZEP Professional product enables the flexible creation and expansion of complex company structures. The mapping of further DepartmentsThe analyses can be broken down by department, location, parent company or subsidiary. Analyses per department, branch or location as well as analyses for internal cost allocation are also part of the product.

Target group

The two products are suitable for all sectors and company sizes with project business - from freelancers to large corporations.


Both software providers offer a personalised Customer support to. This is available to you by phone, e-mail or via awork chat. This means you can get help quickly and easily and solve any problems.


ZEP Professional impresses with its modular structure and extensive range of functions, which allows it to be customised to your requirements. In comparison, awork combines all functions in one product, without the option of selecting individual modules.

ZEP Professional is a leader in the area of time recording in particular and offers a complete solution with freely configurable break regulations and allowances for irregular working hours. ZEP Professional also surpasses the functionality of awork in areas such as quotation creation, invoicing and project planning. In addition, ZEP Professional offers functions such as a holiday approval process, payroll accounting for freelancers and the flexible mapping of complex company structures that are not available in awork.

Both products are suitable for companies of all sectors and sizes with project business and offer personalised customer support. ZEP Professional, on the other hand, offers an extended range of functions and customised solutions for individual requirements.

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